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KRB Audi S1 Silhouette 1.3.1

Gatebil-Extreme class tubeframe Audi S1 inspired norwegian monster

  1. small model fix

    noticed a bug very apparent with Shader Patch's "Force low-res cockpits for other cars in first person view" setting, all the low res cockpits had a wrongly oriented steering axis, so that the steering wheel was bugging in and out of the car. This update fixes it for all LOD stages, nothing else changed.
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  2. Rear view wing mirrors (finally) added & new gear ratios and differential lockings

    still see reviews and onboards with non working instruments on youtube from time to time


    - small adjustement to steering geometry
    - added missing side mirrors (high res LOD A, low res B and C)
    - new gear ratios and diff lock values according to exclusive info from Team KRB
    - adjusted glass shaders for polycarbonate
  3. KRB Audi S1 Silhouette (1.2 Update: Shaders, AI and tweaks on all ends)

    Long overdue update with lots of small bits and bops.
    Major changes are an AI update that will bring this car up to speed and under control if driven by the "new" AI we got this summer. The car should survive even the Nordschleife at normal AI settings now.
    I also just today did a major rework of the main body shader, as so far the car appeared just a little too dull, dark and just weird in a field of (Kunos) cars.Below are pics of the new appearance:...
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