Killing the flickering bugs 1.2

No flickering rain or shine

  1. Winner
    In the quest to improve the rain or smoke graphics, CM has overdone it and creating irritating on off switch type of flickering in rain or smoke.
    This mod attempts to kill the flickering bugs. After spending hours testing it for all circuits, more than 90% of flickering in race are gone and there are some traces in flashbacks and replays. Some circuits (Sepang, Shanghai, Canada and Singapore) are so bad I have to adjust the rainfall closer to that of 2012 so they will not be as realistic. For the carlodsettings.xml in the mod, reference is made to the file by Vlasovas in his "High LOD Improvements" mod. It is adjusted to suit low spec graphics card.
    Extras in this mod is blue flame for 80's cars, enhanced smoke and Singapore day race (in Singapore - day folder). I use the tod,dat and tod.xml from Abu_Dhabi and you will have daylike racing when you choose sunny or nitelike driving when heavy rain. To restore, just replace the files with the originals.
    Make backups and replace the files accordingly. All files must be used else you may still have problems. You can use in conjunction with "High LOD improvements" mod. If you have low spec pc, best use my carlodsettings.xml.
    Tested on low and medium graphics setting and may not work for all. FPS may drop slightly.

    <In view of what happened in RD, this will be my last new mod and I will not post any more mod or reply in the forum, except updating my existing mods for game patches.>

    Singapore day race (Fast Forward)

    Singapore rainy nite (Fast Forward)

    Blue (my mood)

Recent Reviews

  1. Phoenixsing
    Version: 1
    A fantastic mod for those who have suffered for so long.
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