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Killarney Motor Racing Complex rF 1.41

Killarney Motor Racing Complex rF V1.41 by DerDumeklemmer

  1. Denis Betty
    Killarney 1.41 by DerDumeklemmer

    Killarney Motor Racing Complex was built from the scratch for Race07 by respawned. He kindly gave his permission to convert this beautiful track to rF.
    Biggest respect for his fantastic work -and that of DerDumeklemmer.
    Pls. notice the original Race07-Release Notes in this archive.

    - respawnedfor his Race07 scratch build
    - Rolf Dennst�dtfor his loading screens
    - ZACAPA for orientation fix
    - Brandon C Stuck and bockbierbude.de for Beta-testing
    - Neel Jani for bug fixes

    The track is uploaded here, primarily for the use of members or RD HistorX Racing Club, so no pics necessary.
    All RD users are, of course, welcome to make use of this resource.