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Kevin Schwantz 1991 Season 1.0

1991 Season Rider/Team package

  1. mmpaw37

    Here you have Kevin Schwantz in all his 1991 Season glory!
    Included in the modification are changes to:

    Leathers 1991
    *NEW* Helmet 1991 - (Visor changed to a slightly lighter Tint; More see-through)

    Bike 1991 Livery
    Boots 1991
    Gloves 1991

    The only item i couldn't change was the 'Default' .DDS SUIT_N files - I tried many different combinations within Photoshop without the right success. However, unless you are looking at the riders leathers up close, it isn't that noticable ;)

    The modification isn't 100% accurate, however due to certain restrictions, its near impossible for 100% accuracy.

    NOTE: NO other rider/bike or team files have been altered - This is just for Kevin Schwantz & the TEAM 'Lucky Strike' SUZUKI. I also added the 'LUCKY STRIKE' logos to Peter Goddard's Leathers, the mechanics shirts and the Pit Garage.


    For those of you who are aware of how to use MixFileREMIXER: Just extract the ZIP file which has the TWOSTROKES folder within;
    Use REMIXER to just extract your TwoStrokes.mix file and just place the folder included into where you extracted your .MIX file - Obviously it will ask you to overwrite the original files...just click accept.

    Once you have replaced the files, use REMIXER to re-pack the .MIX file...(Remember to TICK the 'Omit Root Folder' box if you have extracted your .MIX file into another folder.)
    (Also use the 'SBK-X/V8' option when re-packing the mix file)

    That's it!

    ENJOY! :)






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