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Kevin Harvick #4 - Jimmy John's Stewart-Haas Racing | RSS Hyperion 2020/Ford Mustang NASCAR

Kevin Harvick #4 - Jimmy John's Stewart-Haas Racing | RSS Hyperion 2020/Ford Mustang NASCAR 3.0

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Sorry to those hoping for another Penske paint scheme, I had to do this.

I love Uncle Smoke Tony Stewart, and I love his team. And those who drives for his team, no one could came close to being my favorite as Kevin Harvick. And as much as how I like seeing those amazing Busch Beer paint schemes during the 2020 season, I still love the mean look of the FREAKY FAST car.

And thus, here's another paint scheme for the RSS Hyperion 2020/Ford Mustang NASCAR Cup Series car, the Jimmy John's FREAKY FAST #14 Stewart-Haas Racing, driven by who else but Kevin Harvick.


Drop the content inside the ZIP file into :

Enjoy! :thumbsup:

Credits :
Race Sim Studio (car & livery template)

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Excellent releases! Well done!!
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ok skin thanks
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Very Cool Looking indeed!
Can't wait to see moooooore! hahaha
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Great job, thanks a lot!
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Keep it up!
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Great, keep them coming as this is the only stock car for AC that is worth keeping on a disk in my opinion, so some real skins are a nice addition!
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Awesome stuff! Loving your liveries. Indeed, #WeSayYesToHarvick, and #WeSayNoToMazepin
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Thanks for all this great Skins,
hope to see more.
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You are the F**king man.... thank you! keep them coming
Thanks man, enjoy it! :D
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