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Ken Block's 2014 Livery by 'Lashen' 1.0

Ken Block, DiRT Rally,

  1. Lashen
    Ken Block's 2014 Livery by 'Lashen'.


    Driver :- Ken Block
    Events :- World Rally Cross, Rally America, etc..
    Replaces to :- livery_24
    Resolution :- 4096x

    How to Install-

    Paste this folder(s) to 'DiRT Rally installation place/cars/models'

    *Don't forget to keep a back-up of the original files,before you add the new files.
    *If you like this livery,don't forget to
    Rate this!:);)

    Up-coming liveries-

    1.Ken Block's 2015 Gymkhana Livery.


    drt 2016-05-12 20-48-34-27-.jpg drt 2016-05-12 20-50-53-48-.jpg drt 2016-05-12 23-20-39-97.jpg drt 2016-05-12 23-29-36-04.jpg drt 2016-05-12 23-30-34-41.jpg drt 2016-05-12 23-41-23-86.jpg drt 2016-05-12 23-52-38-55.jpg drt 2016-05-12 23-54-16-71.jpg drt 2016-05-12 23-55-54-47-.jpg drt 2016-05-12 23-58-01-89.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice.
    1. Lashen
      Author's Response
      Thank you rudy!
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