Ken Block White Ford Escort Mk II 0.5

Livery from Dirt 3

  1. nukemdukem3d
    This mod contains only one file: "cme_tex_high_17.pssg"
    Note: From close up livery is a bit blurry, because it's twice the original size.

    Note: There is error on right rear window, but I struggle to fix it.

    I recommend to use DiRT Rally Mod Manager

    Credit to Codemasters for original livery

    1.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. arone
    Version: 0.5
    hello what the number car replace??thanks
    1. nukemdukem3d
      Author's Response
      Livery 4 [no.11] but you can use Mod Manager and replace whatever livery you want.