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Kagami Hiiragi BMW M3 Itasha 1.0

lucky star kagami hiiragi bmw m3 itasha

  1. dogrunes
    My second skin, and the first i've uploaded to Race Department. I hope you'll enjoy it.

    This is for the BMW M3, and will work with the following folders:

    bmw_m3_e30_s1 (haven't actually tested, but probably.)

    The subjected character is "Kagami Hiiragi", from the anime "Lucky star". It's pretty bad, but Kagami is cool.

    Known issues:
    • The seams around the side skirt and the doors don't line up. Sorry :x
    • The gloves and driver skin are kinda iffy with color. I might update this in a later build, but maybe.



    (Note: The number plate isn't on the skin in the version that I uploaded.)

    Once again, thank you for taking an interest in my skin! I hope you enjoy it.

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