Just Kauser's alternative Shaders Patch Rain App 0.3

add dynamic rain weather, rain sounds and wiper sounds

  1. Just Kauser
    X4fab's latest Light Shader Patch required.

    Make sure you deactivate the old AccExtRain app in Content Mananger to avoid bugs because even if the app ingame is not activated on the UI, it runs in the background.

    Both cars in the preview videos are from Dareks with added rain tyre physics. These mods are something special because they come with Wiper Animations, which is usually only the case with Kunos Cars, and also means the Wiper animations only work for them. Rain works for almost all mods, if the shader is set correctly for the windows..

    Other Links, tutorials and cool stuff here
    I spend a lot time on this. But this is just a a minuteness compared to Henter and X4fab, who have built the entire Light Shader patch, and are also responsible for the visible raindrops and wiper animations. I occasionally get asked: "Could you insert the fogged windows?", etc, so I'd like to make it clear again, the visual effects comes from the Light Shader patch and this app only controls the sound and timing as the visual effects are used. So please thank not only me but also these divine modders for their dedication and love for the details we have asked in vain from Kunos, according to Kunos, the entire light shader patch should not exist and the frame rate would have to lie on the ground and cry. Although I'm thankful to Kunos, of course, for the best simulation, which will probably be the next 5 years, allowing modding to operate to that extent.

    Wiper mode changes:
    The wiper animations have 4 steps:
    0: Wiper is out
    1: Wiper is activated every 5 seconds
    2: Wiper is activated every 2 seconds
    3: Wiper is always on

    Press Plus or Minus in the App GUI or use the buttons you choose in the Content Manager for it, to increase it you have to wait a second until the mode changes but how many steps you decrease it depends on the moment when you press the trigger, when you press it at the beginning of the wiper animation it will decreased to 0, at 1/4 of the animation -2 steps and at the half just -1 step.

    I record the wiper sounds from my own car, an Opel Omega 2.5 V6 with my Tascam DR-05 recorder to get high quality, then i changed the speed of the samples a bit to make it synchronous with the animation.

    You will hear a little sqeak sound when the wipers become dry.
    The squeak sounds are recorded from this youtube video:

    and i manipulate them a bit to get 9 different samples from 3 recorded samples.

    You can adjust the Squeak sound volume ingame when it annoys you.

    The rain sounds are recorded from this video:

    And sorted by rain intensity in the moment of recording.Since ingame is not yet a visual thunder effect, I have left this out first.

    This graph shows the volume functions over rain strenght value for the different rain samples, that are played:
    After the volume for each sample is calculated the get Euclidean normed to have a similar volume level for each rain strenght value
    then each sample volume get multiplied with the
    total volume (rain strenght value) :
    For the chance of rain i have implemented a ra(i)ndom function
    that gives you values depending on the chosen chance of rain.
    (red line is upper limt of random function, blue line is the lower limit)
    Value < 0 -> 0 and Value > 1 -> 1
    This value is given to the Light Shader Rain Strenght Value and locked for a random duration between 0.1 and 42.0 seconds, smaller values are much more likely.
    If somebody take a look in the code and want to know how it works.

    Have fun in the rain!!!

    To do:
    When you drive under a bridge or in a tunnel the rain drops disappears, but the rain sounds stays, so i have to implement a smart solution like put out the rain drops together with the wiper or creating for every track a files with the position data of bridges, tunnels etc, to adjust this because i cant get the data from the Shader patch how many drops are falling to the window in real time.

    BLM Car did work similar but with a soundbank "Hack" inside the Fmod engine, that just works on wet tracks or the grass and sand but not on the road from a normal track. My app plays sounds via the pygame engine independ from the surface.

    Maybe you should try out both apps and decide which is better for you. I think for GT3 cars and supercars BLM Car is better and for
    old and youngtimer cars my app is better.

    Independently from that, you should take a look in BLM Lights,
    especially the wet switch, that generates on every track a little
    wet effect and create for the Kunos wet mods from A.Fracasso
    an awesome shiny wet surface.


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Recent Reviews

  1. humanbooks31
    Version: 0.3
    rain effect was missing,so THANK YOU SO MUCH.i can use wipers now.
  2. clemencaman
    Version: 0.3
    Absolut Top!!!
    Version: 0.3
    Meine Wischer bewegen sich nicht . BMW M4 DTM 2018
  4. Demithio
    Version: 0.3
    Really like the sounds. Wipers are a bit slow, and for some reason theres a "flash" when the wipers cycle. My guess is when its redrawing the rain.
    1. Just Kauser
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the feedback, i will work on a faster wiper mode and will try to find a solution for the annoying flash.
  5. vibbuz
    Version: 0.3
    1. Just Kauser
      Author's Response
      Thank you
  6. RasFafa
    Version: 0.3
    muchas gracias
  7. hazardic
    Version: 0.1
    am i understand correctly, that this app allows the correct sound of rain depending on its strength?
    1. Just Kauser
      Author's Response
      Yes but it also defined the rain strenght and generate more realistic wiper animations and sounds
  8. briklebritt
    Version: 0.1
    Good, but is it possible to make the parts of the windscreen, where the wipers do not get a little bit more blur? Like looking through light fog... would be more realistic.
  9. JBaeumle
    Version: 0.1
    Awesome, really immersive. But i find my wipers going to 1 or even 0 after a while, even if its still raining. Any way to solve it?
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