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Jsgme (Mod enabler) v2.6.0.157

Mod Manager for Games

  1. Rupe Wilson
    Here is the mod manager that a few guys in HistorX to manage their mods inside the sim.
    Big thanks to @Roland for the links.

    (not my work)

    Hello guys, I bring you (for the ones that don´t know it yet) a mod enabler program that works with almost all games.
    I use it for Spintires, Silent Hunter, IL2 sturmovik, Kharkov 1942 and works like a charm. It´s really easy to use, and lightweight.
    Also, it lets you save profiles with the mods.

    Here is a screenshot of how I have it right now.

    How to Install it:
    To install it just unzip the file uploaded, enter the folder JSGME, and copy all the files inside to the root of your Spintires game.
    (Of course this is for the players who unzipped the Media folder, and don't, use the origial media.zip)

    This program basically adds a folder called MODS to the root folder of the game, and a jsgme.exe file that is the enabler itself.
    In this MODS folder you should add the mods.

    For example, the Real Vehicle Names mod will be like this:
    Spintires/MODS/Real Vehicle Names/Media/Classes - Meshes - etc etc

    When you download a mod, make sure that the folders structure is like: Mod name/Media/etc etc.
    Copy the Mod name folder to the MODS folder.

    After installing some mods, open the program, the mods will appear in the Left side (the deactivated ones)
    and you should send them to the Right side (the activated ones) by clicking a mod and then pressing the > button.
    Close the program, run the game and enjoy the mod.


    For desactivate mods just select it in the list and press the < button.
    (The << symbol is to deactivate all the mods at once)

    In case a mod adds a file, for example uaz.xml, and you activate another mod that adds another file with the same name; the program will warn you about this and will activate the last one, leaving the first mod greyed out and disabling the first file in conflict. So the order in which you activate the mods is important.

    Notice how in the pic, the mod Wheel packages is greyed, this is because some files of the mod t150 is in conflict with a file of the same name in the Wheel packages mod. Still works perfectly.

    There isn´t a reason to update this program, is kinda pointless.

    Is really simple to use and setup, I dont think you guys will have any issue with it.

    For those who didn´t understand my explanation there are several videos and tutorials around, just search it for "jsgme" in youtube.


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    Version: v2.6.0.157
    I can't thank you enough!
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    Version: v2.6.0.157
    realy helps
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    Valdi Silva
    Version: v2.6.0.157
    Very nice
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    Version: v2.6.0.157
    Thank you so much for uploading it here! Now I don't have to go through those sketchy sites to get it.
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    wow wow wowwwww the best ad secure way to handle mods
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    Version: v2.6.0.157
    Saves a lot of headaches.
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