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Jops 2018 - Remembering Nick Milton V 1.0.2

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Jops V 1.0.1 / correction addition to V 1.0
- strictly identical to V 1.0, except better looking Marshalls, Thanks to "Please stop this"
(see support page for details)

After reading about the sudden death of Nick Milton on the Racedepartment forum, I have decided to made a assetto corsa conversion of the Jops track, in order to include a small hommage to him into the form of a billboard on the side of the track.

It is about nothing in comparison with such a drama, but at least his close friends would have the possibility to remembering him everytime they will enter the track.
The original track for GPL has been created about 12 years ago in pretty similar circumstances, after the sudden death of my frend Jean Pierre "Jops".
We fought at that time that a track would be the best hommage to keep as much as possible Jops present with us.
I would appreciate you to read again the original readme about the detailed history of the track. Thanls in advance for that.
I am not at all a professional modder, and I have never made an Assetto Corsa track before.
I discover during the last days the tools, and I have converted the Rfactor track we made about 10 years ago with my friend Alain "Neel Jani".

I just wanted to make the track available, in order for his friends to use it if they wish to do so.
But for those who already have appreciated this track on other simulation, I am pretty sure that you will already appreciate the special atmosphere we tried to impulse on this track at that time, even if not is perfect at the moment.

But the essential to me is that I can enter the track, and that there is a billboard "Remembering Nick Milton" on the side of the track , and that I can know make a sign at my dear friend Jops in Assetto Corsa too.
Never forget to think to both of them when entering the track.
Manu68, 2018
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Latest reviews

Great tribute.
I had the chance to run with JOPS and he was a good person
Thank you for your beautiful homenage
Great track!
great track tx could you convert belle isle parc ? :D
Great job with this track, lots of extra nice touches that raise it to a more fun level.
Muy emotivo su comentario.Probaré que tal está la pista.Gracias por su apoyo y contribución con su track.Su amigo estará muy orgulloso de usted,seguro
The track might not be perfect, but the reason behind its existence is beautiful and powerful. I really like the layout, it has a good flow. Good job.
Thanks a lot . Very precious to me
Thank You for update
Glad to see that you like it !
Thank you, very good track. even if i don't know this guy, i love the tribute !
the track is beautiful and some corners are really good. I love the corner without visibility.
Only a little regret : It s very hard to overtake another racer because the corner are fast !
Yes, the corner are Indeed fast. But the track has been made to provide close racing. It is possible to have three cars side by side at almost every location on track. You must take position in one corner to overtake in the next one :)))
(and of course, staying on track with F1 67 is not easy, because no aerodynamic of course. You have to be patient !!!)
I like this track,thanks a lot!
I highly appreciate. Thanks !
Very thoughtful dedication
Thank you!
Thank you, it is nice track, I did slow lap too for honor him.
Farewell nick, goodspeed
Never knew the guy but, I bet he was special to many people. That's why I did a slow lap to honor him. Overall a great track!
Got that looking really nice now.
Good job, thanks
I ran several races with Jops on GPL between 2002/2005. I was in his team with D Beaufrere et M Delplace.
Thanks to celebrate his memory
Hi !
I am pretty sure I have raced against D.Beaufrere and M.Delplace at that time within F1legends . What a great period it was for simracing !
I am now a lot less less involved, due to lack of time, but I try to keep the flame for simracing alive !
Thank you for this. I remember this track from GPL and enjoying the great view of the mountains in the background. I created an initial set of cameras for you to use if you choose. I'll provide in the support thread.
Your comment means that we didn't do it for nothing.
All the original textures have been made by Jackseller, The boss of F1legends. Jacseller is the most incredible GPL modder I know, and maybe the most dedicated person to the GPL community, with a fantastic League which keeps on being alive year after year
If you are a fan of GPL, you probably know already his fantastics updates
Beautiful conversion. Thanks
Many thanks . It is for people like you that I will do my best with the modding knowledges I could learn, in order to make the track as great as possible.
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