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Jonnez ES PowerUp 1.0

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Hi, this mod makes the moped of game more like they're in Finland. This gives some boost to the power of moped and also removes rev limiter(max rpm 8000 -> 14500).

Using controller is recommended!
If you think there's too much power, tell me and i'll adjust it if needed

Github: JonnezES - Github

Latest reviews

Its still working! Makes moped driving a lot more fun.
Can you change the power so i get a bit more i want to it to rev to like 18000rpm and more torque you can post that version as a reply to this comment
Makes the Jonnez a lot more fun to use on dirt and concrete. (Using MSC update 24.10.2018)
Muito bom. A motinha cai muito fácil quando tá muito rápido
viis kautta viis pärisee
ok nice engine size eee
The power is pretty uncontrollable in first gear especially. It would be nicer with a bit less revs and power. Maybe 25% less power and max revs around 11000-12000. That would be also more realistic.
makes slightly faster, glad I got it
No nyt on
Makes Jonnez even more fun, i like it
Glad that you like it. What do you think about the amount of power. Is it too much? Couldn't decide it myself :P
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