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Joesville Speedway 1.0 final

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I was able to convert this track from rf2 to assetto corsa a few years ago with official permission from the creators of rfactor2.
So it is a legal conversion which was listed in the official assetto corsa forums.
I did not play assetto for a long time just started to play a bit few weeks ago. As the official forum has no more track mods listed I thought to share the few hundred hours of work here. Hope everybody likes to do some racing on it.

I had never been able to do such a good conversion without a lot of help and patience from lilski. So the quality I quite like is only because of his help showing me how to do things properly. I even have 3d grass with his help :)

I originally started to do some ovals as my kids liked racing on my laptop and for them ovals are excellent to do. (they where age 3 and 5 at that time :)

The track is a very short oval, but might be fun to do with a lot of cars on it :)

As I have not that much time to update this is the final version.

Credits to the original creators at rfactor2 and thanks again for giving me permission to convert this great track back in 2015 and fro all the work in the original track.

Thanks very much to lilski, without your help and advice and your patience I would have never been able to bring the track to this result, it was a great experience to learn a lot from you. So if you want to buy someone a beer, you have to buy it for lilski :)

gtz michael
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Iv'e been having tons of fun on this track. These cars work very well with AI. 5x tire wear is defiantly a challenge, try it!
Awesome work ...Thank you
Very nice, thank you!
I've eaten bigger donuts, but nice work. It's remarkably good fun in slow cars.
Good job.
But AI...
small but nice
same , need more cameras