JJ Hatton - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, National Capital Rally 2016 1.0

Australian Rally Championship

  1. Wishart Media
    JJ Hatton & John Allen - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, National Capital Rally 2016

    - Skin can be used for DiRT 2
    - Screenshots show skin in DiRT Rally - it is possible to get the DiRT 2 Evo IX into DiRT Rally - do at your own risk if you know how to.

    Copy pssg file, paste and replace the file/livery of your choice:
    - Rename pssg file, replacing 'xx' with correct number, Example: e9r_tex_high_04.pssg

    Compatible with DiRT Rally (after copying DiRT 2 evo IX to DiRT Rally) - do at you own risk!
    Compatible with DiRT 2 - replaces monster energy livery
    15936964_917219185082014_2696678684986801531_o.jpg 15936391_917218945082038_1863694643035390868_o.jpg 15936853_917219138415352_5724345934929886465_o.jpg
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