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JH/Design Reflex V12R

JH/Design Reflex V12R 1.1

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I would like to let you know that i took down my donation site. 21 People supported me which im very thankful for, but i also need to change my strategy because this way i can't sustain this for long. I do not have the means to sell my content for money either. Instead i would suggest you to support me in a different way. It would greatly help me if more people would get to know me and what i do. I would be greatful if you help me becoming more known. For example talking with friends, family or colleagues about my content, or creating content based on mine like videos, streams or skins. This could possibly open new doors for me and expand my options which is what i really need in my current life situation. Thank you for taking your time to read this text. Have fun with my content!
Jonas Holzapfel - Jakoman3

I wanted to say thank you for all the positive feedback. Im not always giving an answer, but Im reading every review and Im watching every youtube video about my car. Also of course a big thanks to all Donators. Your donations keep me motivated with positive energy that i will put right back into modding. I hope you guys have a great time with my car.

- Compact, light and powerful open top Prototype
- 4.2 litre V12 with excellent torque through the rev-range
- Active Wing allows for high top speed

Big Shoutout to Laurence Dusoswa for this excellent review




Improvements compared to my last car "Formula Agile"

This car is more detailed and also more efficient then the Formula Agile in both modelling and textures.
It also achieves much higher force feedback without clipping.

Skin Template available here:

Latest updates

  1. Post Release Hotfix

    - AI Improvements AI is now less likely to crash or take dangerous curbing - Mirror...

Latest reviews

Excelent work. Its one of the best cars i have. Very enjoyable
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nice work!
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What a great car! But please, please add lods for **** pc plebs like me
Upvote 0
Are there ANY other cars that gives the same type of raw experience as this one? Need to know, because I'm now addicted...

Best car physics wise that I have driven in AC! Fantastic!
My Formula Vector and Formula Agile are also without Abs or Tcs. If you want you can give those a shot :D
Upvote 0
Thank you so much, one of my favorite cars to drive in AC.
Upvote 0
Man ey, what a well-tuned car. TOP physics! It's such a blast to drive this thing! THX a lot!
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What a fantastic car this is. Thank you so, so much!
Had it out for a first shake down at Dayton Road - what a blast.
It's one of those just-one-more-round-cars. - Just phenomenal.
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Really awesome work! Thank you for sharing these cars and i hope you will get more positive attention!
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This car is great, a lot of power under your foot, but still mildly controllable. I just spent 90 minutes driving this on 1994 Imola and it was a blast!
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Can confirm, wants me dead.
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Brilliant fun.
Upvote 0
Very good, feels credible and believable. Can't say a bad thing about this car. This is easily paymod-grade quality.
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Excelent work, I love the handling, it's fierce but very predictable.
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Prototipo davvero fantastico! è una goduria guidarla, complimenti @jakoman3
Upvote 0
fantastic mod! 1000x thanks for your work, it's amazing.
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Excellent car.
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Superb Car! Great job man, and close AI racing was special. This thing at the Red Bull Ring is amazing and a LOT of fun.
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This is an excellent mod. Looks good and is great to drive.
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simply one of the best and exactest cars to get for AC. Thank you so much!
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This car is something else, an absolute must-download, it tries to kill you at every corner but if you get the throttle right, you will experience a level of connection to the steering and tyres which is largely unrivalled in the simracing world making every nailed sector and consistent lap time all the more gratifying. We do need more liveries though, holding a contest or something to get livery makers amped up may be a good idea!
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