Jerez Update 2015 1.1

Texture pack for Jerez 2015

  1. Jonix
    -Corrected Kerbs (color, reflection, bump)
    -Corrected Tarmac texture and dirt map
    -Corrected synthetic parts
    -Corrected Sponsors
    -Corrected Sand and grass (Added yellow flowering)


    How to install:

    Make a backup copy of your JEREZ.mix in your MotoGP'14 folder (So that if you make something wrong you can replace the corrupted mix with the default one)
    -Extract JEREZ.mix on your desktop and copy the TRACKS folder over the TRACKS default folder (overwrite all files).
    -Then in the mixfileremixer: create new mix file, select your TRACKS folder (Make sure Internatal
    filepath is TRACKS\JEREZ
    -Then choose Mugello.mix in your game folder and click Pack new mixfile