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Jerez (outdated)(unsupported) 0.1

please don't download this one anymore, use MotoGP Track Importeur instead ;)

  1. ReZ
    you need to have the original track file from VR46-game and copy it to Ride2\Tracks, I will not upload it anywhere for you ;)

    Ingame you will find the track on the last place of track selection, shown as Almeria.
    Weather settings availible are, Clear,Cloudy,Rain and Wet.

    Time Trial and Quick Race mode only , but with a few drawbacks.

    - in Race Mode the finishing order is messed up
    - i have not found a way to make the safety-car in the starting grid dissapear, kills a bit of the immersion :(

    sourcefiles for bml-editing included if you wanna try to merge this with Misano Kartodrom Mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. senbei6
    Version: 0.1
    Good work tried the circuit works perfectly thanks
  2. KennyBarroz
    Version: 0.1
    I can confirm that this works like a dream!
    Iam so happy for this, now whats left is that we start to import bikes and soon, we have a complete DLC Mod :D Awsome work!
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