Jeddah Street Circuit - F1 2021 - Night Race

Jeddah Street Circuit - F1 2021 - Night Race 2.0 - Reduced Track Width

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Jeddah 2021

Important! Please make sure to have CSP, STFLOW AND PerPixel Multimap Installed. Make sure your CSP is UP TO DATE!

Content Manager / Custom Shaders Patch​

Program is available in two versions, Lite and Full. Lite version has restricted access to new features, WIP-sections and pre-release builds.

STFLOW Shader​

stFlow is used to animate textures, so will be used to make water, flags and TV screens etc. You can download it here.

To install it, extract the sdk+system folders into your AC root folder

PerPixelMultiMap Shader​

PerPixel MultiMaps are used to make things light up, or be reflective in specific areas, whilst also being able to emit light. Things like windows, TV sceeens etc will require this one.

To install it, extract the sdk+system folders into your AC root folder

Running to 6.175km with 27 corners, the Jeddah Street Circuit will be the second-longest on the calendar and one of the fastest too, with an average speed of over 250km/h predicted in simulations.

Here's a version I've put together on the day that the circuit was announced, the layout matches the streets shown in the reveal footage and documentation. Kerb placement references those seen in the video that was released.



This free track is only to be used with Assetto Corsa. It is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Formula 1, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. Any logos or references to logos of companies featured in this file are used as a parody and are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with their respective owners. If you have paid for this then you have potentially been scammed. ‘Nukedrop’ tracks released on will always be free for anybody to download. However, this does not grant a user licence to profit from or redistribute the works in any way. Reminder, by having access to this download you are also bound by the terms and conditions outlined on
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Latest updates

  1. Reduced Track Width, adjusted camber, added buildings, improved AI.

    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: This update contains 2 KN5 files. The default one, jeddah21.kn5 uses...
  2. Standard Assetto Install fix.

    Adds Compatibility with Standard Assetto Corsa - Content Manager and CSP are now no longer...

Latest reviews

Hey, Thanks for this track! Had a lot fun playing around with this on the race weekend just gone! Good job. It's free so can't complain, but some may I suggest A) Making the curbs less aggressive B) Turn the grey grass into concrete. For me then it would be 5 star. Good job :)
Apparently the owner is more concerned about adding rainbow flags than fixing this undriveable track
The track quality is rather poor with weird bumps before the last turn and the sweeping 180. Many curbs seem way to brutal. Also the track beyond the white lines are not actual tarmac despite looking so (also IRL). This all makes the track rather undriveable. It does look good at night but that's about it.
Drives well, kurbs are aggro but I suspect they are more so on street circuits than bespoke race tracks.
AI is pretty slow my best without much effort was 1.34,4 AI on 100 strength plus 100 aggression best effort is 1.36.5
Any way to speed the AI up 2% or so?
Otherwise five star
Fantastic track, love the advertising & messages. As previously mentioned camera angles during replays would be great. Meter boards and DRS zone signs are too small. Thanks!!!
I was already going to give a 5 star review, but the whole ADDED MORE RAINBOW FLAGS made me confident I would immediately rate this. KUDOS.
Thanks you !!
can someone help me , idk how to install the shadders and when i load the game it crashes
Good-Built Track. Loved the advertising more than anything, Good Job!
nice track ! would it be possible to add camera angles for race replays ? would be insane :)
Not accurate at all! The advertising is all wrong.
nice tracks , but can you made the tracks that have tarmac run-off, the gravel is ok, but i perfer the tarmac
still needs some upgrades but it's a good work
Good track, it feels and looks good overall. The kerbs are a bit aggressive and the runoffs can be improved.
I love the signs around the track. Thanks for including this!
This track with the addons is really good and seems very similar to the real version, the only issue is the invisible walls that are past where the actual walls are, making it impossible to get close to the wall. The AI needs work as well, they are not slow but they don't drive the fastest line so racing them is boring, I will be eagerly waiting for an update.
Thank you I'm really enjoying it!
Track missing a lot of things, night lighting is non usable yet despite all the work left to be done the author manages to slam the whole track with political pandering without any regard of how the track is in real life, I recommend the f1 2021 conversion instead
I don't know how accurate it is but the track sure is fun! The flow is amazing with the RSS F1 cars and the AI works.
I would definitely recommend the "Jeddah Formula 1 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Add-ons Extension 2.0" by Pyyer as well.

For 5 stars you'd have to fix the curbs though. Most of the time the curbs unsettle the car so much that they're basically unusable outside of qualifying hotlap modes. (due to the high risk of dying)
That's made worse due to the AI diving on the inside and jumping over the curbs, landing in front of you sideways with no exit speed, forcing everyone behind to brake waay to much.

Those curbs and the AI line make racing very dangerous and frustrating half of the time.
Thank you for creating this track! Like it in general but I'm not quiet happy yet. As soon as I barely touch the curbs, I'll fly off to somewhere. I also don't like, that the "concrete" runoff area is actually gravel or grass?! Also I'm not sure if its just me... I might be blind but I'm having really a hard time to actually see the difference between the track and the run off area. At F1 speeds in VR its really hard to see for me. On the real track, the runoff area is colored green at some places. The general visibility of the track limits seems better IRL.
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