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Jeddah Street Circuit - F1 2021 - Night Race

Jeddah Street Circuit - F1 2021 - Night Race 2.0 - Reduced Track Width

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Jeddah 2021

requires STFLOW https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/stflow-shader.23999/

Running to 6.175km with 27 corners, the Jeddah Street Circuit will be the second-longest on the calendar and one of the fastest too, with an average speed of over 250km/h predicted in simulations.


Please Read the latest Update notes if the track doesn't work for you.

Here's a version I've put together on the day that the circuit was announced, the layout matches the streets shown in the reveal footage and documentation. Kerb placement references those seen in the video that was released.

I wanted to be the first to get this track out, so hence why its here, now. But usually I release tracks on my Patreon feed first - as well as work in progress versions of upcoming stuff. Please check it out here. for $1 a month you can get access to everything I post on there.





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Latest updates

  1. Reduced Track Width, adjusted camber, added buildings, improved AI.

    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: This update contains 2 KN5 files. The default one, jeddah21.kn5 uses...
  2. Standard Assetto Install fix.

    Adds Compatibility with Standard Assetto Corsa - Content Manager and CSP are now no longer...

Latest reviews

I have tried using stflow shaders and it still does not work
Are you using Assetto Corsa Content Manager?
Man that layout is ass, drives like ****!
Great recreation though, and I am a huge fan of the advertisements.
Excellent work!
Track length is incorrect in the UI (should be 6175 but it's 905), but otherwise, downloaded the update! A friend of mine suggested adding a few trans flags here and there as well!

DRS is everywhere around the entire track rather than specific zones as well.
Incredible good job man!
The track is insane the day, and its EVEN BETTER at night!!
But there is juste few littles problems:
- track sides are in grass (asphalt look). I know its to punish off-track, but irl its no grass but real asphalt (i think), and its anoying when you'r taken out by somone, you loose more time.
- some walls have little glitches (car il half through them)
- pit lanes is a little too empty (no lines, no box demarcations, boxes are too simple)

But if you forget these little problems, its realy good job!!

PS: I hope you will add drs zone asap when they will be revealed
PPS: Sorry for my poor english but i'm french! ;)
whenever i load it in it says unexpected error and says game crashed

[content manager] and i have csp 1.71
Thank you, Great work you are a gem. Now we can all analyze the hell out of it to see how it might work as an F1 track, for me shite but racing WTCC round here is great fun. And hats off to the billboards ;)
Does not work, always crashes before I even load onto the track
Hey, Have you read any of the posts on how to get it to work?
Top quality track!!! found a skin that has the regular billboards, appreciate current ones but would like to have a choice, thanks!
Miami circuit please :)
It don't work, it crashes always
Great iteration of the track, absolute Kudos to you for calling out FIA and Saudi on the billboards! I only noticed them cos I crashed into one ;)
it crashes all the time
Please check the Overview for common fixes.
Brilliant job, love the pride flags.
Versioon 2.0 is much more improved, I love it! But, are replay cameras pl;anned for this track and, if so, when will they be released?
The track looks good and is fun to race on BUT i have only one criticism and that is there is no ai hints, some of the braking points i have seen from the ai are just absurd and there is more than a few points where danger hints would be much appreciated.
The track looks amazing but when I go to load it up on my game it crashes and takes me back to the menu, is there a solution for this? Thanks!
-Layout: Good, but not perfect

-Bilboards and envoirments: Poor: After turn 21 there is a kinda glass track bridge, over turn 23 and near main straight There is a TITANIC Hotel, beside of the thousands of palmtrees on the bay, yatches & billionary boats (that you can borrow from Yas Marina or Monaco models)

-Track Elevation changes: Poor: turn 13 has camber, ans in general pretty much all turns have a little camber.

Excuse : There is no footage of the track, onboards, os similar besides the official teaser from f1 youtube chanel, yes, acceptable.

Solution: try to use Google erth or google maps to take references using street view.
Great Job on the track! Would be great if some break markers were added, like the 200, 150, 100, 50 markers like they have on all the F1 tracks. Other than that its fantastic!!
amazing track! but could you make the track even more narrow? it feels a bit to wide compared to the f1 video :D but i love it
Fantastic work on this Tyrone!
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