Jeddah Formula 1 2022 Grand Prix Add-ons Extension (CHQ Version)

Jeddah Formula 1 2022 Grand Prix Add-ons Extension (CHQ Version) 1.1

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2022 Grand Prix layout

Watch the video, the screenshots, everything you see is in the extension.​

This extension is a full overhaul which includes two new layouts :
  • Formula 1 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix [NEW]
  • Formula 1 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix [NEW]

This extension is designed for the track jeddah_2021_chq version beta 0.6.


The original track is very resource-intensive especially during night.
That has nothing to do with this mod: remember track is still beta and need light optimizations.

No track link will be shared here as it isn't allowed by RD

Installation procedure can be found at the end of this post.

A lot of add-ons including :
  • All the 2021 & 2022 billboards (including new Pirelli 150 billboards, MSC Cruises & Lenovo)
  • All the ground sponsors & drawings
  • Animation billboards and bridges
  • New bridge between T25 & T26
  • Updated DRS Zones
  • Rolex clock model with realtime dynamic hands and lights
  • Video screens
  • And a lot more...








Install procedure :
  • Unzip the content of the file in your assetto corsa folder (backup and overwrite files if needed)
  • if it doesn't work, you probably have a wrong version of the track or the extension folder is not where it needs to be.
Custom Shaders Patch is needed.
stFlow is required for animated display.

Latest updates

  1. Night brightness correction + Saturday adjustments

    Update 1.1 includes : Night brightness correction Ground texture correction at Turn 1 New...

Latest reviews

bellissimo lavoro grazie
awesome work as always
Perico Lospa
- Night lights...? OK.
- FPS with my Ryzen 5 3600 + Rx 6700 xt + 1440p single monitor, high settings, at night with 10 contenders...? About 80-90, OK.
- Level of satisfaction...? Jaw dropping...
Fantastic extensions as ever. I much prefer them being alternate circuit layouts, rather than altering the primary circuit (will there be updated to previous circuits using the other method?).

I know this circuit is currently in beta and the creator is working hard to bringing them all to an eventual version 1.0. But as always it complements it perfectly.

I updated the ui files to reflect v1.1 (it was showing as 1.0).

great like Barhain one, thanks for your hared work keep it up
Thanks mate, once again, great job!
You got the star back, because you are one. Lighting much better now. It takes a while to load for some reason, longer than I've experienced with any other mods or extensions. But the end result is absolutely gorgeous. This may be the most beautiful F1 track in AC.
Your work Pyyer it's amazing, as ever!!!! But the track (the original track) is unplayable even with a medium spec PC
Stunning work, thank you!
amazing as always, love your extensions!
Nice! Maybe "Aramco" building texture lacks
Aramco building was there in 2021, not anymore in 2022 (only virtual live FX but not present on board)
Like all your extensions this one is great, except I'm experiencing a very bright, washout effect at night. The lighting just seems to be cranked up too much. I compared it to the original track and there is a big difference. Any chance you can reduce it a bit?
Updated in 1.1, hope to get this 5th star back ;)
This is Awesome! I never saw a better race track for assetto corsa. Sad for optimization (My GTX 570 Hurts).But still this is incredible
Thanks ! Hope the track lights will be optimized by CHQ :)
Brilliant job!! Super effort to have it just ready for the GP Weekend! By far the very best track for Jeddah - Thank you!!

I just have a minor issue with real penalty, for some reason is not being loaded with the track and the server will start to ban people xD
Thanks ! :) I don't play online but I think it is more a track issue
Perico Lospa
Awesome, like always... Anxiously waiting for the optimizations! Thanks.
Thanks for your review ! :) Hope the track lights will be optimized by CHQ too !
Spectacular!. This time I will not accompany you. This track is complicated for my poor PC.
And it's not just about working with graphics... it's also about enjoying...
Thanks Daniel ! See you in Melbourne ;) (I think I will work on melbourne_2019 version )
Great extension, thank you!
Thanks for reviewing :) I really enjoy your work too ! ;)
Great work thank you so much.
Thanks for your review ! :)
Nice job mate, but you miss second drs zone before end of first sector
Thanks ! :) There is actually no DRS zone in first sector, all 3 are similar to real life ones and are in second half of the track after the Rolex part

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