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JB72's F1 2019 Season mod[TRACK] B

JB72's F1 2019 Season mod[TRACK] B 1.0.3

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Here are the updated tracks with 2019 sponsorboards. This mod is compatible with my 2019 season mod [CORE, SHELL A and B]

All of my F1 2019 season mod:
JB72's F1 2019 Season mod[CORE]: here
JB72's F1 2019 MOD[SHELL]A: here
JB72's F1 2019 MOD[SHELL] B: here
JB72's F1 2019 Season mod[TRACK] A: here
JB72's F1 2019 Season mod[TRACK] B: here

------ MOD DETAILS ------
- Version 1.0.1 [A & B]

Updated 2019 track sponsorboard
- the rest of the track are using a place holder sponsorboard as the season is still in progress
- garage pitperch
- download [TRACK] A and B

------- IMPORTANT PLEASE READ !!! -------

- always create a back up and update the game to latest version (1.16)
- This mod is compatible with my F1 2019 season mod
- logo placement might be different due to limitation of how texture can be place in game.
- you won't be able to play online and set time trial laptimes.
- This mod is drag and drop only (see included read me.text file for instruction)
- Don't combine with other track mod.
- Any issue message me on the support tab.
- and finally I'm a modder not a magician, any descrepancy with the design is due to the texture mapping limitations if you dont see it. means its not possible.
- do not reupload to other site

------ SAMPLE IMAGE -------





tentative German GP Podium board

Feedback is really appreciated and if you like my work and wants to support me just click the image above.

Visit my webpage for updates and details of my future mods
Twitter: jburon72
Instagram: jburon72

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Latest reviews

Awesome job! And most impressive are those flags on the podium. For years nobody was able to find them in the files and you finally managed to do it. Congrats.
Thanks mate. Yeah took a long time to find it but finally got it remove.
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thanks friend, for your effort of these months, to bring us this mod 2019, there is little left for the new Codemaster game to come out, many will not be able to buy it, .. and they will continue to enjoy the mod, who can buy it, we hope your magic hands about F1 2019, .. and bring mods, compatible with multiplayer, greetings.
Thanks mate for the feedback. I will still update the track as the 2019 season progress. Will be taking a break in modding for the new game in a while until my new work schedule allow it.
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Awesome Working With DRM Free 1.16 Version Thank you so Much!
Cheers mate
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Awesome!! Keep up the great work!!!
Cheers mate. Thanks for the rating
Upvote 0
Thanks again!

PS: It's possible to do all in one mod?
Thanks man. Due to the upload limit in race department I have to split it into parts.
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wow! waiting for liveries and helmets update!
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