JANUSZ KULIG Malboro/Mobil 1 Focus 1.0

Mod That Replaces Red Focus In DR

  1. Tang0
    Based Of The 1999 Ford Focus Driven By Janusz Kulig.

    Hope You Enjoy This Mod!



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Recent Reviews

  1. Palo Samo
    Palo Samo
    Version: 1.0
    The car in the game is a 2001 Focus, you have done an older model livery. There are no names on the windows too. Points for trying though :)
    1. Tang0
      Author's Response
      1. its based off the 1999 livery. 2. hopefully fixing that soon in an update. ty for rating :D
  2. Xylo
    Version: 1.1
    good job :p
    1. Tang0
      Author's Response
      Thank You :)
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