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Jaguar XJR-14 Skin for Nissan NP35 0.2

Two skins based on the 1991 Jaguar XJR-14 in Nissan NP35 flavour

  1. jensowin
    preview.jpg preview.jpg The Jaguar XJR-14 is my favourite car of all time, so of course the moment a decent car was released for AC with a double wing I had to make a Silk Cut skin for it.

    So here it is, the number 3 and 4 Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-14 skins raced by Derek Warwick, David Brabham, Martin Brundle and Theo Fabi.

    All of the dark purple sections of the car are hand-made, and should mostly match the original, however creative license had to be taken in areas where the body of the Nissan differed from the Jaguar, making this the closest I could get to the original with this specific model.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback, this is my first skin.

Recent Reviews

  1. fmpphoto
    Version: 0.2
    Awesome work ...Thank you
  2. THUNDERbreaks
    Version: 0.1
    Great livery choice, maybe you can update front left numberplate to follow car design instead of being rolled, just a small detail, not a big deal. Thanks for the skin
    1. jensowin
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I think I'll rotate that because it does fit the model a lot better, from my reference images it was rotated, so that's the reason it is like that, but now I've found some more pictures and it looks like the position of that number changed a lot between races/restoration.

      Thanks again
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