Jacarepagua by rFBrasil 1.0

Jacarepagua by rFBrasil

  1. Yves Larose
    Original Author: pk4ever
    Conversion: Marcelo Melo, Cassius Schleier, Alberto Moraes

    Authorized conversion of the Jacarepagua track, originally made for F1C . At first it would be restricted, only for the rFactorBrasil league, but we decided to launch it to everyone.
    Soon we'll release the oval, club and short version.
    This circuit is placed on Rio de Janeiro, and holds the name of one of the most important brazilian drivers, Nelson Piquet. The first event hapenned in 1978 and until 1989 it was used by F1 as the Brazilian GP. From 1996 until 2000 the oval track was used by CART.
    In 2007 the track suffered serius modifications because of the Pan American Games, when the north part of the track was removed to give room for a sportive complex. Nowadays, the short version is used by the Stock Car Brasil and in this year begins the creation of a Kart complex in the circuit area.

    Thanks to:
    Our most deep, sincere and true thanks to pk4ever, and for the members responsable for FAERJ, specially to Djalma de Faria Neves, Fernando Leal and Luis Felipe Pereira Silva, for the attencion and good will to help us gather the material for the conversion of the Nelson Piquet circuit.
    Eduardo Santos
    Frederico Gentil
    Paulo Kareka
    26-Apr-08-rFactorCentral-7228_GRAB_010.JPG 1540-JacarepaguarFBrasil-2928.jpg 1540-JacarepaguarFBrasil-7212.jpg 24-May-08-rFactorCentral-7750_Jacarepagua_1a.jpg 26-Apr-08-rFactorCentral-1847_jacarepagua1.jpg
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