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J. Armstrong - Codemasters DiRT Rally Team

J. Armstrong - Codemasters DiRT Rally Team 1.0

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Have you ever wondered what the Codemasters DiRT Rally Team's Ford Fiesta R2, driven by Jon Armstrong and co-driven by Phil Hall, would look like in DiRT Rally 2.0?

Well, you don't have to wonder no more!!!

Do not redistribute any of the textures without permission or proper credits.

If you enjoy the designs and would like to support SRD - Sim's Racing Design, feel free to donate a bit of pocket change.
This way SRD can keep creating content for the sim racing communities, especially the DiRT Rally Community.


Latest reviews

Damn, I love these! Also, how can you make these screenshots please?
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
Thanks man! It's a camera mod called IGCS Injector. You can find it online if you google it and add DiRT Rally 2.0 to the Google search.
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Very nice
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looks great , its too bad that the uk flag cant fit on the roof scoop but its very minor.
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
I know... It would look quite ridiculous if I tried to fit it on so I decided to not put it on at all. I think it was the right decision.
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Excellent work mate
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
Thanks man! Appreciate it!
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Sim Vansevenant
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