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IZOD IndyCar 2010 1.4


  1. mikf1
    • Here you have the 2010 IZOD IndyCar mod i have ported to rF2 still some issue with the animated driver skins but they will be sorted out.As much as i have tested the mod as far as i know everything inc upgrades + visual changes in the spinner work i also add ISI Mountain Peak to the track config so it should automatic put all cars + AI onto the low drag settings for the oval and high down force for the road course.I have also used twin heat effects from the exhaust.

      • Original mod
      • By: AOWSS and Michael Peters
      • Some of the new features:
      • New physics developed from real-world data by Shawn Campbell, Charlie Hendrixson, Kevin Bean, Yang Ou, and Dominik Montada.
      • Reds/Blacks option for tires on Road Courses.
      • Vertical Fins, and other Dallara aero parts.
      • New sounds developed by Kevin Bean.
      • Track specific upgrades.
      • CREDITS:
      • Painters: Mike Peters, Kevin Bean, Shawn Campbell, Mediocre, 'Marco,' TJ Halsema, Jeff Rivard, Justin Wilkinson, and Yang Ou.
      • Helmet and Driver Suit Skins: Yang Ou, and Brian Schmidt.
      • Sounds: Kevin Bean
      • Model: PACQUITO, Mike Peters, frgutiar, and Kevin Bean.
      • Helmet Model: iDT
      • ISI for rFactor2....
      • ffb.jpgRecommended FFB settings
      • 2.5>5.0
      • This is the custom UI and loading screen i have packed with the demo mod along with Kentucky Speedway the Driver has been done again so i hope the only update will be the remaining tracks from the track pack.
      • UI
      • Track Configurations for Track Pack
      • "Sao Paulo 300":
      • "St. Petersburg":
      • "Birmingham Long":
      • "Long Beach":
      • "Kansas Speedway":
      • "Indianapolis Motor Speedway":
      • "Texas Motor Speedway":
      • "Fort Worth Speedway":
      • "JNSTexas":
      • "Texas_SCE":
      • "Iowa Speedway":
      • "Watkins Glen International":
      • "Toronto Exhibition Place":
      • "Edmonton City Airport":
      • "Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course":
      • "JNSInfineon":
      • "Sears Long":
      • "Kentucky Speedway"


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  1. Slyfrequency
    Version: 1.4
    Great conversion!
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