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Istanbul Park - Beta 0.55a

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Hi, I present you my first track : Istanbul Park - Scratch Made.

This is a beta, there's still a lot to do but the biggest issue currently is the FPS. I already have optimization plans containing for example - reducing to current amount of objects from an insane 10.000 to about 2.500 and disabling shadow casting on some of them.

Enjoy and tell me what you think.
I think that by now it's obvious what to do with the file but feel free to ask if for you it's not.






Latest updates

  1. The light will guide you !

    Tiny update but huge visual improvement ! Finally figured out how to work the sun. Before the...
  2. Optimization 50% done

    + some surface changes - grass acts like grass, you can go pit but it doesn't work yet. I'm...

Latest reviews

Track layout and detail are good, lighting could use some work, my problem is no barriers have a physical presence, meaning you go through them, please fix this issue :)
Really well built, really captured the free flowing element of this circuit.
Craigo Charger
Wonderful track. Great work Sir but please complete it.
Nice track but the FPS are trigering me
Not bad, you just need to finish it.
idare eder .Not bad.i wondered how you find the values of elevations on the track?
why didnt finish yet? I can wait to race my hometown circuit come on!! Finish this track and please add lolitop guy in the pit or pit line. this version I mean lolipop guy on the track is pointless.
Should be finished, no track map, a lot missing. Texture wise it is great and I really like the grass close to the tarmac.
Hello there,
Map There FPS problems. When completed, the full version of this mode?
what happened with this mod?
This is a very good track so far, there are some very awkward bumps mid corner in a lot of places, turn 1, 5 and 9 I think, and they are a real handful (for a talentless oaf like myself anyway). But hope you have time to look into it :)
This will be epic and the new benchmark for scratch tracks. Amazing so far.
oo istabul park alırım bi dal :D good job i can't wait for 1.0 :)
Excelent job. Just create spawns for multi, so we can try it online with other guys, no need to full grid, but at leat 10 would be fine! Super, like it a lot.
I really like this track. But there are too much bumps at some points/corners. Also i hope you have time to change the outdated and unsharp textures.
Great job.
Best track ever, great to see it in AC, thanks
Seriously Daub. This is amazing!