ISO 1980 PROCAR Series

ISO 1980 PROCAR Series 1.5

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Excellent update very fun driving. It is a challenge to maintain the temperature of brakes and tires
Incredibly good. I didn't think anything could beat the R3E M1 Procar, but this is more realistic. The way you can adjust the car (with the throttle) mid-corner is so much fun.
Well done.
Big thanks.
These are great fun to drive! Thank you!
HSO knows its stuff.
Anything from the guys at HSO is a must have.
What an amazing car, and it actually has the accurate cam-and-pawl diff! "Never lift" now has some *real* meaning, because AMS correctly models weight transfer AND this car will swap ends faster than a '78 930 if you aren't awake at all times. Exhilarating!
do you have any settings on the genstrings in the veh files
This is a cracking car. Over at we have decided that it is so good we are using it in our first ever TimeTrial event.

Would love you guys over at HSO to take part as well!

Server will be up for 7 days starting Monday 14th January 2019. Here is a link:

Just do a lap on the server!

More details on our discord channel (link on our website)>

Thanks HSO for your awesome work!
So good! Excellent mod!
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
Thank you!
HSO knows what they are doing. ;) 5/5 physics.
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
Glad you like them!
I'm not sure this is ready for the public. Needs a ton of work to get this thing more drive-able. Huge push into understeer, which then leads to snappy oversteer. Brakes lockup constantly. Gear "de-bouncing" or whatever, is set way too long.
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
It is ready for the people who can apreciate it :)
It doesn't feel the best on pad but i appreciate all the work that went into this.I simply love this mod.M1 is one of my favorite cars and having it in AMS is really nice.Overall,a great mod.You never dissapoint HSO.