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Ironbark Hills

Ironbark Hills 0.6.5b

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Updated folder structure in zipped file, now CM Drag and Drop compatible.
Just a little update.

- Trees and Vegetation properly LODed and named/grouped. Should help your framerates and performance. Have started to replace some trees with a new tree model and textures, so excuse the variation in looks.

- Track map now included, thanks to @NightEye87

- GrassFX now included. Based on orignal supplied by @NightEye87, but I dived in and worked out how to tweak it to my liking. Still a bit of work to do.

- RainFX now included. Thanks to @NightEye87

- AI Lines now included. Thanks to @kevink63 for the upload he created. I used his original file, but have re-recorded the Fast_lane/Ideal_line and have also redone the Left & Right side boundaries as well. I have personally had some terrific races with AI on here now, lots of fun I am finding.

- Track Cameras now included. Thanks to @NightEye87 once again for his set of TV Cams.

- A few other texture and mapping tweaks and some other bits and pieces.

Next update will hopefully include the full vegetation overhaul and some other things I need to fix up that I have noticed.
While also planning on how to add in some more of the trackside objects and atmosphere I am after.

Any feedback welcome.
Thanks guys. Hope you enjoy.
It's been a while...

Lot's has been done, still lots to do... but hopefully you will find the evolution from previous versions to be a nice step up.

- circuit itself has been refined, considered visually finished
- landscapes and trackside are far from complete
- all vegetation are placeholders until I create/get more efficient meshes/textures
- KSTree shader wasn't working for me, so trees are currently just AT, sorry.
- no track cams or AI etc at this stage

Still an RTB build, so I accept any shortfalls of that build process.

I welcome any feedback.


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Latest build straight from RTB. Next step, I would like to re-create this track using Blender... People seem to think this layout is fun enough to make it worthwhile.

So much has changed since 0.4, a change log is not possible...

Good Things :thumbsup:
+ Layout is different but feels familiar.
+ More vegetation
+ More trackside objects
+ Better textures
+ Better shaders
+ AI Fast Lane
+ Pit Lane sort of works. :p

Not so Good Things :thumbsdown:
- Cameras got broke as layout changed
- Lots of 3D trees still (performance may suffer)
- No Physical Mesh
- Terrain isn't awesome
- Random tree textures and bad tree shading
- Poor 'props' and objects
- Other things you will probably notice...
- General lack of the quality I am after in a final release. ;):D

Anyway, please let me know what you think. I look forward to all feedback.
Changes for 0.4:

-Reprofiled turns 2,3,4 & 13, track flows more now
-Made new pitlane, joins to main track should be smoother now
-Reshaped the alternate route, much more user friendly
-Added lots more trackside objects, walls, kerbs, grass, hay bales... still experimenting with those
-Added proper sand traps on certain corners, once again still experimenting with these.

Hope everyone that has downloaded it, is enjoying it... Still a lot of work to do, but I am learning as I go.
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