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Ironbark Hills

Ironbark Hills 0.6.5b

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thank you very much.
Amazing track
Congrats Millen and thank you ;)
Awesome track! Only thing more awesome would be the 1960s version...
Love this beautiful little track! Its layout is very well designed with nice curves and elevation changes. :thumbsup:
Thank you Vince. I am glad you enjoy the track. The layout has definitely been fine tuned over many laps and versions, very happy it has paid off.
Great flow, very enjoyable drive - easy to learn, hard to master.

Would love to see a version/skin from the track's '60s heyday, I'm using it with cars from that era anyway.
Thanks Rodger. I find myself using those era cars as well usually.
It had crossed my mind to just make the circuit a 60s/70s version straight up... ;)
This is a really good track. It looks very good, nice layout too.
Thank you for sharing this.
Cheers Billy. Happy to share, and glad you enjoy turning some laps at my creation.
I'm really happy to see this track getting a proper polish with all the new goodies that have developed since you first posted it. Thanks a lot.
Thanks xezez. It's fun seeing it match the vision in my head closer and closer each update. Hopefully one day I will get it just as I can imagine it. Happy you enjoy driving here.
Enjoyable driving, good in reverse too. Maybe as an alternate layout?
Haha, thanks, yeah, I am guilty of trying it reverse too, and agreed it's not bad.
might be an option in the future, was just worried about the bigger changes in terms of fencing and runoffs etc for a reverse layout, while still being somewhat realistic.
Great job, thank you!
I like the track layout very much. It's getting better and better too. Thanks for sharing.
thank you...nice to drive
You are getting there mate. And as promised, another fiver coming your way for a pint or a few cuppa's.
Very enjoyable 'unknown' track to drive and it is clear there is some care & attention being paid to improving it. Thank you.
Amazing track, i only found 2 issues:
1. the grass is very high in the pitlane.
2. the metal barriers don't have collision.

I give a 5 star because this track is truly amazing but i'd like those 2 things to get fixed.
Thanks denes
1. yeah the pitlane is a massive work in progress still, will fix up the grass next update.
2. Haven't got around to doing a physics pass on the track yet, will do my best to include at least a physics barrier for the Armco in the next update.
I give 5 stars as an advance. Really good to drive. The track has potential. Currently, perhaps still a bit empty in the background. I am curious about upcoming improvements.
It's a great track and I really enjoy driving on it. The only things I think that would make it better are just visual things like tents in the pit lane and some spectators and trucks. Other than that it's one of my favourites.
Thanks mate. Slowly working my towards adding these items... very slowly, but hopefully one day.

thanks for trying it out an enjoying it.
Awesome track - really love this one. Only point from me is that the barriers don't seems to stop me :D - other than that - love it!
Thanks Seemiles. I appreciate the feedback, and glad you enjoy the track.
yeah, sorry, I hadn't set some of the walls up as solid object just yet, was going to leave that for a physics mesh run.
But now that the track has been out for some time, and there has been no reports of anything majorly wrong with the track itself, I'll get to work on those sorts of things.
All a big learning curve for me still, and my free time for the track is somewhat limited. :D
thanks again. If you find any other flaws, please let me know.
Super nice layout mate! There are a few spots I'm not sure about, but frame rates drop like a rock, as well virtual mirror goes blank. That being said..... I love this place!! Keep the updates coming and I'll drop a fiver time to time as well.
Appreciate your support and feedback greatly. So glad you like the layout, I think it's very fun too, especially in the older Grand Prix cars
I too have noticed the frame drops, so my current build is looking to address them, have done some work on optimising the ground mesh more, and have also culled a heap of trees, as well as removed a heap 'doubles' as the initial method I used for placement was quite inefficient. So hopefully will have some gains there...
It's a cool track, has some Le Mans vibe to it.

TV camera is mis-positioned though (below track surface).
Needs update but there's a good base in here.