iRadar - iRacing Proximity Indicator - SimHub Overlay

iRadar - iRacing Proximity Indicator - SimHub Overlay 2019-04-02

No permission to download
Super. It works in iRacing full screen mode too. Thx...
Could you make this work with Assetto Corsa? Would be awesome jus to use SimHub instead of apps in game like Helicorsa that clutter the screen!
Hi! Thanks for the review. This is based on longitudinal distance between the cars only, because iRacing doesn't give actual car position via telemetry. So it can't be as good as Helicorsa. But SimHub does include a radar "widget" you can use as a dash or overlay, which should work fine with AC as an Helicorsa alternative.
so why post it in AC Apps?
Hi! There is no "iRacing" or "Other game" or "Misc" download category where to post it.
I noticed people tend to post their SimHub creations in the “AC Apps” category, the same as SimHub itself. So I just did the same for my first dash.
Now that I've made a couple more, I just ask RD if they could add an iRacing category.