Invisible player hands in career (2017 and Classic) + camera boundaries 25.3.18


  1. filaszbrna
    25.3.18 - Invisible hands for 2017 and classic cars (CAREER). In 2017 cars AI drivers are visible. In historic cars only their helmet (doesnt matter much). Downsite player body is invisible in cutscenes, you can see only head.

    Camera boundaries - you can adjust camera way more forward and backward, without messing with FOV.

    PS: not sure if camera works online without trigering VAC didnt test it..

    15.9.17 - I deleted aplication.erp and game saves, just no camera tweaks, hands removed

    14.9.17 -Looklike game is not saving anymore, s**t.. will have to look at that, sory!!!!

    Invisible player hands in career - Like last years mod from some clever guy.. only works in career and 2017 cars, not historic..

    tweaked camera boundries - you can tweak camera in camera options more forward/back, up/down than default

    if you want only invisible hands, delete aplication.erp from asset_groups\ego_package in zip

    if there is problem let me know.. cheers


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    2. 20180325094342_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. BlockGoimor
    Version: 25.3.18
    Nice mod but VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) doesnt exist in this game its just anti-cheat.
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