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International Formula Series 3 + Skin templates 0.9

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I've been racing this virtually non-stop for two weeks, trying to somewhat emulate the Euro F3 season. With a few track specific AI tweaks, the racing has simply been legendary. The mod is not perfect, it's also not finished. What you have here though is the closest you can expect at this stage and it's damned good.
Giving the AI a setup is critical, but stick with wings and gears as I've seen them taking corners on two wheels after playing with dampers.

Brilliant racing at various strengths around 100% at:
Red Bull Ring/Hockenheim/Nurburg Sprint/Most and a bunch more. Most with the chicane is incredibly good fun.

Why I think it is so good! Setup is everything, once you dial in, you go faster and faster and faster again. That's when you start to feel how good this thing is. On the absolute limit, I am racing the AI, not driving around them. It's taking everything I have on every corner to stay in the line, just waiting for the AI to run half a foot wide, just the smallest opportunity to get my nose in.

Simply Awesome!
Excellent mod. Very impressed.
Fantastic mod up to the usual high standards we expect from MAK CORP, it does take some getting to know and I had to adopt a different driving style to my usual hare em scare em approach, but once you start to get the feel of it the awards are great, I have to disagree with David about the oversteer, with the correct setup I had plenty of oversteer and lost the back end once or twice, same for force feed back, once I had made a couple of adjustments I had plenty of feel, I once read that F3 cars have down force comparable to an F1 car but of course no where near the power, so there is more finesse required to really get the lap times tumbling, don't give up too early, persevere and like I said the mod will reward you.
like everytime very good job THX
The cars look and sound fine.
However sorry to say the physics are just very poor. The rear grip is so great that you just can't buy over steer. When you run wide its always the fronts that let go. I tried Aero at 14/0 front/rear. That's 14 and zero. Stiffened the rear, softened the front. Set diff lock at 5% (min). Diff lock is just not required in this car as it WONT swap ends. Way too much rear grip, I even red-lined it and dropped the clutch in 1st gear and it wont wheel spin, just bogs the engine.
I cant comment on the FFB as there is just so little going on that there are no forces to feed back.
It feels reminiscent of another RF1 car that was "updated" to RF2 but the physics not attended.
Conclusion: You can drive it around with other people but as an introduction to open wheelers in RF2 its woefully inadequate to prepare you. None of the keys skills like throttle control or counter steer are needed. This is a shame as the F3 in RF1 was excellent.
It drives around as though the rear end is a slot car attached to the track and makes F1 2010 by codies seem ultra responsive.
Must try harder.
-Sorry to be so harsh but its 100% true.