intelliboost 0.7

setup your own boost mapping for each car- track- combination

  1. Gallow24
    Hello Community,

    today i want to present my new app.

    What´s this app about?
    With intelliboost you can create your own ERS delivery mapping for each car- track- combination. Therefore the driver creates a file containing start- and endpoints of boost sectors. Accordingly to this file, the app will activate the ERS.

    So in the future it will be an additional step during setup development to create a track specific mapping.

    The aim of the app is to bring this aspect of the reality to the simulation.


    - activates the ERS due to the self made mapping file
    - activates the ERS with gas- pedal >= 95%
    - reload mapping- file during session. no reload of session needed when changes are made.

    I hope you´ll have fun with this app. Here´s a video showing the functionality.

Recent Reviews

  1. Klaus123321
    Version: 0.7
    This App delivers a function, which should be included in Assetto Corsa by default. So thumbs up ...

    But i have a small recommendation: There should be a display of the difference in state of charge of the battery between the start and the end of a lap. On some tracks it is not possible to harvest enough energy. With the display of the difference in the state of charge one can easily see, whether the current strategy is sustainable or sucks the battery empty in a few laps.
  2. fvdheide1963
    Version: 0.7
    Hi, I downloaded and installed your app. In game i can select it and the I set my MGH-U to charging and start the lap. It then says Active and I can use my ERS during the lap manually. But I don't understand how to use it next. I thought it would automate my use of ERS after learning from my ERS usage during a lap. Did I misunderstand that or am I using it wrong?
    1. Gallow24
      Author's Response
      It does not detect your boost activities and translates it to a general mapping. Please have a look at the provided pdf tutorial to get a better idea of the tools functionality.
  3. Nero2
    Version: 0.6
    Great App! It extends setting up the LMP cars immensely and it is easy to use. Thanks!
  4. Thomas Wiesel
    Thomas Wiesel
    Version: 0.6
    Finally :-) Many thanks!!!
  5. AlBell1967
    Version: 0.6
    This is nothing short of genius!! I was able to take 5+ seconds off my best ten lap avarage in the 919 at Monza by allowing this to work my KERS. I wont post my times because I am not very fast but this is the stuff!!
  6. coret3x
    Version: 0.5