Inmersive Filter - AC.Competizione test v0.9

This is a filter i made by myself trying to make AC looks like ACC

  1. el_mattpro
    Inmersive_ACC + Heavy Rain (Replay Stoped = no rain water behind the car) + Time around 16:00 p.m -> Monza WET - TEST v0.8

    This is a Work In Progress, so it will have Updates
    I accept critics, so if you can rate-download and tell me what i need to improve, i'll be glad to help and update the Filter!

    My Monitor Brightness: 100%
    My Monitor Contrast: 32%

    My In-Game Settings: (High-Med Optimized)
    Saturation: 85-93% (85% in screens)
    Exposure: 100%
    (Users ask for my settings to avoid the flickering with [FEEDBACK[ so why not to share with everyone?, here it is my Settings in Content Manager, same as Screenshots)
    Sin título.jpg
    GTX750Ti Msi OC + Phenom II x4 955 B.E 3.2Ghz + 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz Kingstone

    If you have a weak PC than mine, i recomend to you to disable:
    Motion Blur / Depth Of Field / Heat Shimmering / MSAA / Reflections: Rendering Frecuency -> STATIC.
    You'll have a great FPS boost for the GPU without to many changes in-game graphics overall :)

    How to Install
    Copy the .ini file inside the .rar and place it on "Program Files\steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg\ppfilters -> HERE".
    Inside the game go to the Right side of the screen and search for PostProcess Effects and select "Inmersive_ACC". That's all

    Common issues: SHADOW - CLOUD FLICKER
    Option1: If your shadows (or sky clouds) start to flicker in High or Low graphics settings, just open the ".ini" file and search the line [FEEDBACK] change the line: TIME=0.0010 to something lower like 0.0007 or even lower (This will make whites be more bright, like the sun-reflects-etc)

    Option2: I recently added a new ".ini" file, called
    "Inmersive_ACC_Dark.ini", this one have [FEEDBACK] #OFF (i forgot to disable it on V0.8) and lower brightness-gamma-contrast settings to make the clouds and whites less bright. (In my monitor those look good no matter what Feedback settings i have, so if you still having problems with this filter version, tell me what happen so i can try to fix it, thanks).
    Tip: Changing in-game brightness with "AV Pag - Re Pag" buttons can help, when Exposure go below 50% you'll notice a little change, maybe this can fix your brightness problem, if not.. just leave it at 100% and i'll try to fix it by the .ini file.

    If you want to disable the VIGNETTE effect, open the .ini file and search for [
    VIGNETTING] and edit the line: STRENGTH="0.2" to "0"
    SUN LIGHT Intensity
    If you want to change sun light to something lower, open the .ini file and search for [GODRAYS] line, inside this parameter go to "GLARE_RATIO=0.3" and change it to something lower.

    v0.9 Screenshots
    (gbW weather mod + AssettoByNight + Dynamic Shader Lights + Spa Track lights .ini)

    20180728181023_1.jpg 20180728181138_1.jpg 20180728181243_1.jpg 20180728181335_1.jpg 20180728181456_1.jpg 20180728181934_1.jpg 20180728182429_1.jpg 20180728183000_1.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. reva
    Version: v0.9
    Thank you! My favorite PP filter since ver.08! Great job and amazing visuals with GBW!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for the review! i'm glad you like it, take in count that v0.8 is a little bit different from this one, but you can keep both just changing the .ini name for example "Inmersive_ACC.ini (v0.8) and Inmersive_acc2.ini (v0.9)" if you want. I hope you like the change, i'm trying to make it more "natural".
  2. A Wreckit
    A Wreckit
    Version: v0.8
    looks great! Thx!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for the review and rating ^^ Enjoy and let me know if you have a problem with the filter
  3. Jason Mullin
    Jason Mullin
    Version: v0.8
    New PC user, how do I copy .ini to rar? Content manager says app couldn't detect any content. Thanks
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      check the Instalation section on the post, you have to do it manually, open the .rar file, extract the .ini in the ppfilter folder inside assettocorsa_system_cfg_ppfilter (i think that's the correct route). Then you have to join the game and select the filter in the right tab of the screen where there are apps, check for the postprocess app and find Inmersive_ACC
  4. roberto63
    Version: v0.8
    Thank you for your work works as a great 5-star god just follow your guide and the results you see no problem found Thanks again
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for the review :)
  5. Papifix
    Version: v6.0
    Thanks for sharing your filter.

    The Inmersive_ACC_Dark filter is quite good for VR. It doesn't look as good as in your screenshots, but it comes close.
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Can you tell me by INBOX how it looks in comparison to my screenshots? i want to fix it for VR (i never think about it until now, because i havent VR). By the way the darker filter is not in the screenshots, the screenshots are taken in Inmersive_ACC (the bright one), today i remove the Chromatic Aberration and i think it looks better, you can try that (in the .ini file). Thanks for the review :)
  6. Donnie_leo26
    Version: v0.5.5
    First off thanks for putting in some instructions on how to make this mod work! on top of that I think it works very well and defiantly make the sim look even better. I was using the Natural Graphics mod which is very good but your mod beats it out!!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Wow! i know Natural graphics mod since it start, i never imagine to read that mine "beat" that one... that's a dream hahahah Thanks you so much for the review :)
  7. Alex Hill
    Alex Hill
    Version: v0.5
    looks good , although i have to change TIME line to 0.0001 to get rid of shadows/sky flicker but that makes sky clouds and sands way too bright lol ,and i still have flicker with 0.0002 set
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      I see, thanks for the review. Sadly that affect the game depending on the graphics setting that you're using in your PC, in my case i can go up to 0015 and just there start to flicker, i'll tweak the ".ini" to make clouds less bright WITH FEEDBACK DISABLE, and then i'll reupload it with 2 .ini's (With Feedback, and without).
  8. Ronnie008
    Version: v0.2
    Great job, looks so much better!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for download and review :)
  9. drako90
    Version: v0.2
    Thanks mate. Looks good! :)
    The only thing that I have disabled in your PP-FILTER,
    it's the chromatic aberration.
    Because i disable that terrible effect in all games.
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Is ok, to many people don't like that effect, and i'm one of them but to be honest i almost don't see it in AC, so i leave it ON (sometimes i see it when there's lights on some edge like inside the car). Thanks for the review :)
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