Inmersive Filter - AC.Competizione test v0.5.5

This is a filter i made by myself trying to make AC looks like ACC

  1. el_mattpro
    This is a Work In Progress, so it will have Updates
    I accept critics, so if you can rate-download and tell me what i need to improve, i'll be glad to help and update the Filter!

    My Monitor Brightness: 100%
    My Monitor Contrast: 32%

    My In-Game Settings: (High-Med Optimized)
    Saturation: 85-93% (85% in screens)
    Exposure: 100%
    (Users ask for my settings to avoid the flickering with [FEEDBACK[ so why not to share with everyone?, here it is my Settings in Content Manager, same as Screenshots)
    GTX750Ti Msi OC + Phenom II x4 955 B.E 3.2Ghz + 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz Kingstone

    If you have a weak PC than mine, i recomend to you to disable:
    Motion Blur / Depth Of Field / Heat Shimmering / MSAA / Reflections: Rendering Frecuency -> STATIC.
    You'll have a great FPS boost for the GPU without to many changes in-game graphics overall :)

    How to Install
    Copy the .ini file inside the .rar and place it on "Program Files\steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg\ppfilters -> HERE".
    Inside the game go to the Right side of the screen and search for PostProcess Effects and select "Inmersive_ACC". That's all

    Common issues: SHADOW - CLOUD FLICKER
    Option1: If your shadows (or sky clouds) start to flicker in High or Low graphics settings, just open the ".ini" file and search the line [FEEDBACK] change the line: TIME=0.0010 to something lower like 0.0007 or even lower (This will make whites be more bright, like the sun-reflects-etc)

    Option2: I recently added a new ".ini" file, called
    "Inmersive_ACC_Darker.ini", this one have [FEEDBACK] #OFF and lower brightness-gamma-contrast settings to make the clouds and whites less bright. (In my monitor those look good no matter what Feedback settings i have, so if you still having problems with this filter version, tell me what happen so i can try to fix it, thanks).
    Tip: Changing in-game brightness with "AV Pag - Re Pag" buttons can help, when Exposure go below 50% you'll notice a little change, maybe this can fix your brightness problem, if not.. just leave it at 100% and i'll try to fix it by the .ini file.

    If you want to disable the VIGNETTE effect, open the .ini file and search for [
    VIGNETTING] and edit the line: STRENGTH="0.2" to "0"
    SUN LIGHT Intensity
    If you want to change sun light to something lower, open the .ini file and search for [GLARE] line, inside this parameter go to "SHAPE_LUMINANCE=X" and change it to "5" (update v0.2) or something lower.

    v0.5 Screenshots
    20180618175604_1.jpg 20180618175729_1.jpg 20180618175850_1.jpg 20180618180131_1.jpg 20180618180453_1.jpg 20180618180544_1.jpg

    Covered Sky

    20180618181011_1.jpg 20180618181148_1.jpg 20180618181435_1.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. Donnie_leo26
    Version: v0.5.5
    First off thanks for putting in some instructions on how to make this mod work! on top of that I think it works very well and defiantly make the sim look even better. I was using the Natural Graphics mod which is very good but your mod beats it out!!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Wow! i know Natural graphics mod since it start, i never imagine to read that mine "beat" that one... that's a dream hahahah Thanks you so much for the review :)
  2. Alex Hill
    Alex Hill
    Version: v0.5
    looks good , although i have to change TIME line to 0.0001 to get rid of shadows/sky flicker but that makes sky clouds and sands way too bright lol ,and i still have flicker with 0.0002 set
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      I see, thanks for the review. Sadly that affect the game depending on the graphics setting that you're using in your PC, in my case i can go up to 0015 and just there start to flicker, i'll tweak the ".ini" to make clouds less bright WITH FEEDBACK DISABLE, and then i'll reupload it with 2 .ini's (With Feedback, and without).
  3. Ronnie008
    Version: v0.2
    Great job, looks so much better!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for download and review :)
  4. drako90
    Version: v0.2
    Thanks mate. Looks good! :)
    The only thing that I have disabled in your PP-FILTER,
    it's the chromatic aberration.
    Because i disable that terrible effect in all games.
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Is ok, to many people don't like that effect, and i'm one of them but to be honest i almost don't see it in AC, so i leave it ON (sometimes i see it when there's lights on some edge like inside the car). Thanks for the review :)