Inmersive Filter - AC.Competizione + SOL + SSAO v1.4.1 SOL/SSAO

This is a filter i made by myself trying to make AC looks like ACC

  1. Bugs Fixed + Optional SSAO for SOL

    Hello guys, i try to fix the shadows-dark area shaders Problems (they look grey instead of black) that was due to color grading, i'm now trying to improve it with more range and better color managment (more natural and not that oversaturated)
    Changelog: Apart from what i said, SSAO is now disabled as Default for ACC_SOL.ini preset, it is enable in the folder SSAO Optional
    Screenshot_bmw_z4_gt3_okayama_21-1-119-19-8-36.jpg ...
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  2. SOL + SSAO working

    Hello guys, as you already saw here in RaceDepartment. Peter post the weatherFX called SOL .Sadly at the start it doesn't work with Inmersive but i fixed it the best i can, of course this'll receive updates.
    New preset: Inmersive_ACC_SOL (24hs ppfilter)
    REDONE from the scratch, nothing about the older filters works but i try to achieve the best looking in comparison to VividHC. 24hs cycle is now working fine
    If you have any problem (graphic) with SSAO enable, open ACC_SOL.ini,...
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  3. SSAO Improved/Fixed

  4. Ambient Oclussion - SSAO Update!

    Hello everyone, thanks to @x4fab /ilja now we're able to use Ambient Oclussion in the game, i modify the values to reach the "Sweet Spot" between quality and performance without breaking the game experience. This SSAO function will now be an OPTIONAL folder with presets to replace the original files.
    Requirements: Latest Custom Shader Mod update (obligatory)
    That's it. This function still a...
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  5. Enhaced Filter with Color Grading - Read

    Read please-
    Hello everyone, thanks to x4fab (ilja) color grading add to the game now i can manipulate individual colors and shadows/clouds/bright areas, etc... this still a beta (W.I.P) so.. Recommendation: Keep the latest VividHC as Backup if you don't like this one.
    I hope you like this update guys, is a totally redone in terms of color/lighting and shadows, but i still have work to do on it, specially for dark areas (i don't recommend to run 18:00hs with vividhc filter...
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  6. VividHC - ACC style test

    Changelog: Tweaked VividHC preset -
    Contrast/Bright/AutoExposure/Tonemapping/Hue/Saturation/Heat and DoF/Bloom/Shadows darkness/Clouds brightness
    Be Aware: if you start the race with a darker image, hold AV.Pag button to lower Exposure under 50% and then raise it again to 100% with RePag, this happen when Auto-Exposure is set over 100% when you're starting a race ( you leave the game before with 100% or more exposure setting )
    Screenshot_rss_formula_hybrid_2018_ks_nurburgring_8-1-119-14-44-22.jpg ...​
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  7. VividHC update Better contrast

    Changelog: VividHC only
    Better contrast, color temp for DayTime, afternoon, etc
    Better light for white sky weathers like Drizzle/Overcast/Heavy Clouds, etc
    Sharper image overall
    DoF tweaked for better quality and focus without impact performance
    Auto Exposure modify
    be aware: Sometimes i saw that if i start a race when my Exposure set higher than 95% the image start darker, if this happen to you (dark brightness when start playing), use AVPag_RePag keys to low and raise again...
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  8. Night v6 Released - VividHC Sunlight tweaks

    Night v6 filter - Night Weather (dark sky - no moon)
    Screenshot_ks_audi_r18_etron_quattro_daytona_2017_29-12-118-12-12-47.jpg Screenshot_ks_audi_r18_etron_quattro_daytona_2017_29-12-118-12-12-39.jpg Screenshot_ks_audi_r18_etron_quattro_daytona_2017_29-12-118-12-11-56.jpg Screenshot_ks_audi_r18_etron_quattro_daytona_2017_29-12-118-12-15-26.jpg Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_ks_nurburgring_29-12-118-12-36-24.jpg Screenshot_safetycar_2018_spa_29-12-118-12-45-53.jpg Screenshot_safetycar_2018_spa_29-12-118-12-48-53.jpg

    Vivid HC
    Broken Clouds
    A Few
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  9. VivdHC - Tweaked + NightV5

    Enjoy! and tell me if you have troubles with any of them ;)
    New : Night v5
    VividHC with tweaks in lighting, sunglare, colortone
    Night V5 Screenshots (diferent weathers)
    Screenshot_ks_lamborghini_huracan_gt3_spa_18-12-118-15-30-22.jpg Screenshot_ks_lamborghini_huracan_gt3_spa_18-12-118-15-30-10.jpg Screenshot_ks_corvette_c7r_daytona_2017_18-12-118-23-33-54.jpg Screenshot_ks_corvette_c7r_daytona_2017_18-12-118-23-36-2.jpg

    Vivid HC v1.1.8
    Screenshot_ks_porsche_917_k_le_grand_circuit_1967_21-12-118-13-5-47.jpg Screenshot_ks_ferrari_488_gt3_ks_silverstone_21-12-118-11-55-14.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_gt2_ks_nurburgring_19-12-118-19-28-11.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_bathurst_fm7_18-12-118-18-28-56.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_bathurst_fm7_18-12-118-18-31-1.jpg
  10. New VividHC released (WIP)

    Hello guys, i hope you like the latest update v1.1.5, today i upload the v1.1.6 that still being the same as v1.5 but now with a new variant for VIVID filter, that is VividHC (high contrast).
    The problem with this is that is using a whole new technique of color-tonemap-brightness- etc, so maybe you'll have some problems with light that i don't discover yet (specially because of weather condition). If you have any problem let me know and i'll work on it. Here some screenshots....
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  11. NightV4 Released + Realistic ToneMaping

    Hello everyone, i want to update this 2 days ago but i was working on make it better for 1.1.5 release.
    Final_FlickerFix Delete
    Final + Dark = Flicker fix already
    Nightv4 Release = Night v3 updated with some tweaks and more realistic atmosphere
    Vivid Update = new tonemaping, new sun light/glare, new sunlight color, new reflections glare on car, new grass + hue tonemaping

    Screenshot_chivas_nissan_r3508_gt500_ks_brands_hatch_14-12-118-20-24-47.jpg Screenshot_chivas_nissan_r3508_gt500_ks_brands_hatch_14-12-118-20-24-59.jpg ...
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  12. New Content! Sunlight FIXED - Filters REDONE

    Hello everyone, today i work on the new version of the filters, the Night filter v3 was redone (still v3) for a more realistic atmosphere, the day time filter (VIVID) have some huge changes in Color Tones, sunlight, glare, shadows, lights, etc.. i hope you like it

    You'll still getting the screen brighter with the sun in front of you, as real life,but now at least you can see where you are going.

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  13. Vivid filter Re-done/Fixed

    Hello guys, as you know the filters have that Glare problem that i was trying to fix without loosing quality, this time i redone the Vivid (the base one) and comine it with vividT (now Optional instalation).
    EDIT: Tested on "Maximum" glare settings, still getting a bit blind, momentary fix, Glare setting High-Medium. Thanks and sry about this issue.
    I hope you enjoy the changes :)
    Screenshot_chivas_lexus_sc43008_gt500_enkei_okayama_6-12-118-20-40-18.jpg Screenshot_kgk_nissan_skyline_r34_maxy_c1_6-12-118-20-53-23.jpg Screenshot_safetycar_2018_ks_nurburgring_6-12-118-22-6-48.jpg ...
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  14. Vivid Tweaked + Night v3 Release!

    Hello guys, as some of you know i was working on NightFilter these days, but i did not forget about the Vivid one, if you still with the "blind sun" problem, the easy fix is to set on "MEDIUM" the Glare quality on Assetto Corsa video Settings.

    Night v3
    Race weather = GbW Suite Clear 00:00
    Touge Weather = AssettoByNight -> F1byNight
    Screenshot_ks_lamborghini_huracan_gt3_ks_brands_hatch_25-11-118-15-29-8.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_ts040_ks_brands_hatch_25-11-118-16-1-53.jpg Screenshot_mazda_rx7_easy_final_spec_harugahara_touge_25-11-118-22-31-21.jpg Screenshot_mazda_rx7_easy_final_spec_harugahara_touge_25-11-118-22-32-15.jpg ...
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  15. HotFix for Nigth filter, Sorry

    Sorry guys i fix the problems on the v2 night and disable that annoyng star effect on the track lights
    Screenshot_ks_audi_r8_lms_2016_spa_24-11-118-17-41-7.jpg Screenshot_ks_audi_r8_lms_2016_spa_24-11-118-17-41-36.jpg
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  16. New NightFilter added

    Hello guys, still working on night for now, i keep the first one if you like it to drive or take screenshots, but i added a new preset a bit more detailed, specially for external views (with shader mod of course)
    Screenshot_kgk_nissan_skyline_r34_maxy_c1-midnight_v13_24-11-118-16-6-49.jpg Screenshot_kgk_nissan_skyline_r34_maxy_c1-midnight_v13_24-11-118-16-10-32.jpg Screenshot_ks_mercedes_amg_gt3_spa_24-11-118-15-34-33.jpg Screenshot_ks_mercedes_amg_gt3_spa_24-11-118-15-47-32.jpg Screenshot_ks_mercedes_amg_gt3_spa_24-11-118-15-48-44.jpg
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  17. Inmersive Filter - NIGHT test

    Hello everyone, i know i was far from the PC for long time but i'm back, yesterday i start a project about night driving and i'll take in count critics and any help to make it better and better,by now this is the best i can do for one day, hope you like it !
    Luminance set higher - (under [GLARE])

    As it is right now
    20181120131452_1.jpg 20181120131555_1.jpg 20181120131906_1.jpg 20181120131910_1.jpg
  18. Added new Vivid preset

    Added new Vivid preset with some tweaks for sunlight, specially at sunset to make it more realstic on 8-9:00 a.m and 16-18:00p.m, more sepia tone, less glare luminance for more sharp lights on objects (or cars), DoF (preset) tweak and tonemapping (Gamma-Contrast-Brightness-Hue and Saturation) for a more "sunlight recreation" (yellow-sepia-orange tone)
    the new preset is called: Inmersive_ACC_FINAL_VividTweak.ini

    Screenshots v1.0.2 (VividTweak)

    20181004130203_19.jpg ...
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  19. Final version tweaks + VIVID Color/Contrast preset

    The final release with tweaks and vivid colors+contrast (no flickering) on the new .ini preset "Inmersive_ACC_Final_Vivid.ini"


    Dispersion of Glare
    Tonemapping (blue+sepia redone)

    Here some screenshots (gbW mod weather: "A Few clouds" + Inmersive vivid Colors preset + Shader Lights mod)
    20181003203701_1.jpg 20181003203819_1.jpg 20181003204002_1.jpg 20181003204104_1.jpg 20181003204213_1.jpg ...
  20. Inmersive_ACC Final Version

    (Maybe i'll update some fixes in the next days if users report some problems)
    Final Version v1.0
    Lighting new
    Contrast new
    Chromatic Aberration disabled
    Glare and Sunlight new with Bloom tweaks
    Shadows Darker (maybe to dark in some PC's, let me know)
    +added FlickeringFix .ini based on the "Inmersive_ACC_Final.ini" filter
    Anti Aliasing disabled for sharped image quality (using the original Kunoz one on your video settings)
    DoF settings changed for smooth borders and focus on the...
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  21. We are almost there...

    New update: new Lights redone for Shading Light (dynamic shader mod) at daytime and afternoon, i need to work a little bit on a "night filter" for night only races with this shader. (in the meanwhile you can use the v0.9 of the filter)
    New shadows configs, glare and reflections lighting calibrated on the brightes maps like "shuto c1" (highway)
    20180817182838_1.jpg 20180817182647_1.jpg 20180817183259_1.jpg 20180817183338_1.jpg 20180818190011_1.jpg ...
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  22. Inmersive tweaks

    Reflections and Bloom redone, sunlight changed, saturation - contrast and gamma tweaks for a better look, work in night mode with Dynamic Lights shader without problems now.
    20180728181023_1.jpg 20180728181138_1.jpg 20180728181243_1.jpg 20180728181335_1.jpg 20180728181456_1.jpg 20180728181934_1.jpg 20180728182429_1.jpg 20180728182501_1.jpg 20180728183000_1.jpg
  23. Competizione Test (finally!)

    In the last couple of weeks i work on the filter because the last changes wasnt so good, today i finish the tweaks to get "close" to what Competizione looks like, and yeah.. is not perfect, i know.. but Weather Mods + Monitor Configuration + AC Settings and my Filter maybe makes your game looks like ACC.
    Lighting - Glare - Sunlight - Contrast - Feedback - Gamma - HDR style - LoD - DOF - etc... is not a completelly Redone Filter, but it have a lot of try-error try-error changes :p...
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  24. New Light-Color-Contrast-Gamma for better visuals :)

    Brightness (higher)
    Contrast (lower)
    Shadows (darker under the car-tyre-etc..)
    Sunlight - About the same with some tweaks
    Tweaked .ini for night mode (still in progress, tested with AssettoByNight Moonrise weather)
    20180705220933_1.jpg 20180705221126_1.jpg 20180705221644_1.jpg 20180705221757_1.jpg 20180705222019_1.jpg 20180705222255_1.jpg 20180705222618_1.jpg 20180705222741_1.jpg 20180705223608_1.jpg ...
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  25. New Filter added

    I had a review about the "Feedback" line in the .ini file making the clouds or shadows flicker on screen no mater the value, so i make a copy of the original "Inmersive_ACC.ini" (v0.5) and create a Darker version with FEEDBACK off, less bright and less contrast for clouds. I hope this helps, in my monitor no matter the feedback is ON or OFF, the clouds still white but don't make me BLIND, so is hard for me to change this just thinking on other Monitor. Anyway lets see how it works :)
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  26. Tweak Sunlight-Glare and reflections on car and street

    Tweak Sunlight-Glare and reflections on car and street
    Screenshots on Post
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  27. New Tonemaping - Sun Glare - etc..

    Sunlight and Glare redone (more bright and more bloom, plus the godrays disapear when the sun is completely blocked by trees or objects)

    New Tonemaping and Color saturation

    New sunlight reflection on car

    New headlight-brakelight glare bloom and feedback

    I hope you like the change :)
    20180617200049_1.jpg 20180617200323_1.jpg 20180617200451_1.jpg 20180617200747_1.jpg 20180617200858_1.jpg 20180617201157_1.jpg 20180617201555_1.jpg ...
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  28. Inmersive Filter - AC.Competizione test 1

    I made it again from 0.
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