Initial D Van Texture 1.2

Project D Van

  1. StefanVW
    And today I bring you another great texture made by me:Initial D Project D Van skin.

    1.Locate your My Summer Car folder.Inside it you will find mysummercar_Data folder.There are all the games' assets.
    2.With open first sharredassets1.assets for the new tires.
    3.Search for "tires" and right click on the file,than select Extract this File.
    4.Replace the old texture with the new one.
    5.Get back to UAE and right click again on "'' and select Import File from Original Format and after that click on Import File from DDS.
    6.Click on save as assets file,save it as sharredassets1.assets and accept replacement.
    7.Open sharredasssets3.assets and repeat the steps above for each texture.

    upload_2017-12-2_18-7-55.jpeg upload_2017-12-2_18-7-8.jpeg upload_2017-12-2_18-7-18.jpeg upload_2017-12-2_18-7-28.jpeg upload_2017-12-2_18-7-44.jpeg upload_2017-12-2_18-7-55.jpeg

Recent Reviews

  1. Kishibe Rohan
    Kishibe Rohan
    Version: 2017-12-02
  2. CubeOfIce
    Version: 2017-12-02
    I'm not saying your mod is bad, what I'm saying is that it could use a lot of improvement. I'm making this review with a constructive viewpoint on how your skin could be improved.

    The wheels are good, but the skin/texture of the van itself could use some work. The Hayosiko logo is crooked on the front and the back, and are just too big overall. The fonts used for the plate and 2.2 Diesel badge could be changed, the Project D logo on the left is backwards, the pointless Initial D logo on the hood (this is a skin that's meant to be a replica from the van in the show, right? that logo wasn't on the van in the anime) and finally the interior is too black and too white, try toning down the colors a bit. Other than that your skin has a lot of potential and if you could fix these issues then you'll get better reviews on your mod. Have a good day.
    1. StefanVW
      Author's Response
      Well thanks for the review.
      But the Hayosiko logo cannot be helped,MSC just won't render it properly,if you open the texture you will see it looks fine.The 2.2 Diesel badge is made to be as real as the original Toyota badge,and I decided to add the Initial D logo just for fun.
      But the two door share the same texture and I can't do anything.I will try and tone the interior colors tho.Thanks again :)
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