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Infiniti Red Bull Racing RB10 1.0

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Infiniti Red Bull Racing RB10.

Done in 8192, 4096 and 2048 sizes, clearly marked in the download folder. Choose the size wanted to be used, and drop into the game.

Things to note that have been done by design. The 3D Infiniti logo on the sides and elsewhere I have swapped out for a slightly different one, this has been done because I personally prefer the logo to have a stronger/bolder look to it.

The Red Bull graphics either side of the drivers head, I have reduced in size.....not a fan of how the graphics are cut on the actual car and texture, almost seems as if they were put there as an afterthought.

I have used slightly deeper Reds, as in previous titles the Reds always seemed a little washed out in game for my liking.

I do not own the game, so have not tested this in game at all. Might be an idea to back up your original file first, but if like previous years, I can't foresee a problem.

Here's hoping everything is lined up okay, and the colours work in game.





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