Indy 1993 Skins for Formula Classic Automobilista 1.01 AMS

Indy 1993 Skins v1.0_AMS

  1. Keith Windsor

    Indy 1993 Skins, helmets, drivers, talent files for Formula Classics, Automobilista

    by KMW 2016

    Ver 1.01 AMS

    26 skins from the 1993 Indy season.

    This set has been converted from my Game Stock Car Extreme mod.
    It's a few years old now, but I think the cars still turn out pretty well in Automobilista.

    This mod will place a new icon in the main game menu. It will NOT overwrite any default files, so you can still drive your original Reiza Formula Classic cars if you want.

    To install:

    I recommend Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler, as it will install and remove this mod at the click of a switch whenever you want.

    Manual Installation:

    Copy the contents of the series folder (two files: reizaI93FC.tga and reizaI93FC.SRS) into the Automobilista/series folder
    Copy the entire talent/F_ClassicIndy93 folder & contents into the Automobilista.GameData/Talent folder
    Copy all the team folders into the Automobilista/GameData/Vehicles/F_Classic folder

    This set contains skins, helmets, driver files and talent files.

    NOTE Unlike my 1988 and 1991 mod, this set does NOT include performance variations, it relies only on the talent files, so the racing will be closer and not so accurate when compared to the 93 season. but the talent files have been re-worked and the general race order should be about right (feedback is always welcome, especially if you find any driver that is way out compared with how they should have been in '93).

    Changes since AMS version - corrected errors and adjusted talent files.

    Known issues - I know the menu icon is pretty amateur, but it's functional. I recommend downloading Pudu's icon pack and use one of those instead as they look much more professional :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Drifter73
    Version: 1.01 AMS
    Amazing! My favorite.
  2. Fabian Biehne
    Fabian Biehne
    Version: 1.01 AMS
    Good memories from Papyrus Indycar Racing come to my mind. Really a great mod! Thanks!
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