Indicator Panel

Indicator Panel 0.3

No permission to download
hey, when I update the mod it appears in black and restart the mod and I went with fletarri and it doesn't let me buy it
It doesnt spawn even i bought it and i didnt even lose any money.. If you have discord add me then AitoW#8700
the item doesnt spawn
Have you tried to buy the piece at the mechanic?
gdzie kupić?
Got the mod, works great but the low coolant light (yellow) comes on with the stock radiator (with full coolant level no leaking pipes or anything.) but disappears when you install the GT radiator (also with full coolant level, no leaking pipes or anything.)
execele mod pregunto hay uno para el idioma
Features: seat belt signal and the ability to turn it off and a lamp of a trunk lid (it is possible on a lamp of an open door)
This mod is amazing
Kunedo, contigo este juego nunca se acabará. Tus reportes son esenciales, auténtico crak en la programación. Rebienvenido paisano!
Kunedo is back! Welcome back friend!
Das ist wie das heutige Check-Controll im BMW oder Mercedes, sehr nützlich, da sehr oft was am Satsuma Kaputt geht.
This mod is great and very usefull. Keep up the good work :)