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Indianapolis Oval 1.0

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Indianapolis Oval Ver1.0

Extract this zip into your C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\"Playername"\race 07\ folder
allow to verwrite Indianapolis folder if you have the RC version as this will just add a subfolder "oval" inside the Indianapolis folder

Please delete previous version of Indy and the Indy hat file located in the "GTR2\UserData\LOG\HAT" folder

IT's easy to have this track folder end up in the wrong location. So instead, extract the Gamedata and UIDATA folders from the zip and place them in the C:\Program files\Steam\SteamApps\common\race 07 folder and click yes when asked. [edit by staff]

Based off my GTR2 Indianapolis 2.0 version
Original track is a conversion from a rFactor track with no readme.
Dave Noonan for 3Dsimed
Strava for his GTL Groove tool
Joe03 from for teaching me to do my own nightlighting.
Zarker99 For the awewsome Fog effect during rain.
richard_n413 For the tip on changing the Pit Row Speeds
RacerM for his Tutorial on track converting

Working Start, Pitin and Pitout lights
Rain reflections
Fully working rain line for AI
Flag marshals.
Oval version supports 44 car fields
Fully Operational paceCar.

Known Bugs:

If you find anything that needs my attention please PM me here at NoGrip or leave me a message in the forums.
Have Fun!
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