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In-game Keyboard Shortcuts Extension 1.2.1

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Add shortcut key function to the in-game.
Can execute actions such as restart and return to pit by pressing the shortcut key.

Keyboard Commands
Ctrl + Y : Start (same action as when clicking the steering icon in the upper right)
Ctrl + B : Teleport to pit position
Ctrl + V : Teleport to pit position and setup screen is shown
Ctrl + N : Restart session (singleplay only)
Ctrl + E : Exit Game

Auto start mode

The pit menu after the game start is skipped and it is possible to run as it is.
Default activated auto-start when VR mode. (OculusRift, OpenVR)

can change the key setting by editing config.ini.

More information
Assetto Corsa Japan LABS - Addon - Add Shortcut Key

Latest updates

  1. bug fix

    - Change default pit teleport command (P -> B) * CTRL+P command has input lost issue at always.
  2. add new feature & bug fix

    - Can't auto-start in VR bug fix - Add new feature "teleport to pitbox and setup screen is...

Latest reviews

Haven't tried changing any keys in the config, but it seems to do exactly what I wanted from it, thanks a bunch! :)
Love it
Very nice! This is the only way I found I can reset the car to the pits while playing on a server, when the car starts falling down through the track into limbo.
I have been using this for ages and it's simply an awesom addon.
Works as intended, never failed me.
I've just suggested to add this to the recomendation list for our club races
Oh hell yeah. The hotkey option from CM doesnt work for me and finally i dont have to leave the server by closing the programm if i fall out of the map lol
Very useful
must have for VR
I am racing in VR with FFB Wheel and a Bluetooth Keyboard aside. It is a K4000 Keyboard with integrated touchpad as mouse ;)

Awesome MOD !!!

And apart from the great Shortcuts my ESC works now to Pause the Sim (which it did not before)

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH !!!
ありがたく使わせてもらいますm(_ _)m
this is so helpful! THANKS
Unfortunately Autostart in VR only works on 2 out of 4 identical setups.
We have them at our VR-Café and Autostart would be such an appreciated feature to have it working on all our setups.
It´s really weird...
very nice !!
can give some key funtions to switch between the cars in race
(offline) and some keys to move camera arround the car + zoom
in out and key to activate freelook with the mouse?
Even with the current CTRL+P issue i'll give 5 stars for this app.
I'm use it in combination with VoiceAttack.
Excellent app but as ramokerat says ctrl+p disables wheel and pedals
Everything works fine expect ctrl+p, after pressing it my wheel and pedals are frozen until i restart the game.
It doesn't auto start in VR For me, but being able to press a button to start a session is absolutely brilliant! No More messing around with using the POV Pad as a mouse.
Great little app.
good apps
finally, long awaited ... I even wrote to Kunos to let me bind wheel keys for opening the menu, because I had to stand up to use my keyboard sitting in the rig, but no answer
amazing feature added guys!!! just wonder why Kunos couldn't implement such ESSENTIAL thing. finally i can restart session without touching the keyboard!! the key on a wheel you can bind via joy2key
100% recommended and necessary, especially for Oculus users.

If in the future it would be possible to add shortcuts on steering wheel, it would already be wonderful and give it 10 stars.

Great job. thank you!
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