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IMSA DPI Skin Pack with 15 Skins

IMSA DPI Skin Pack with 15 Skins 1.01

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Latest reviews

Beautiful, thank you!
bro this is awesome man how did you do this ??? is there a tutorial on how to change the names ?? i saw you could do it but wasnt sure how
Love the previews and the skins, keep them coming!
Im liking your work for AMS2 but with this one i wish you kept to Reiza standard with the preview. 4 stars because of this.
duuuude :)))))
Amazing job!
Brilliant, and donated. Best skin pack of all cars for AMS2 thus far.
thank you very much.
thx you its very nice
Honestly, the best IMSA pack for AMS2 I've found. Really spot on. Congrats on your work!!!!

I've been following your mods for AC as well, and they are all spot on just like this one.

Amazing work! Thank you for all these!
Outstanding! Thank you!
it's about time we racers donated a pound,euro,dollar to the guys that help make these skins and cars come alive.
thank you for your review and donation.
Beautiful work! Thanks very much for these.
Great Skins! Great idea with the preview pictures !!! Thanks!
Great, thank you
Awesome, loving the livery-selector thumbnails as well, very smart!
Awesome work, thanks.
Thank you!!
Just gorgeous - all of 'em!
Good looking skins. Thank you for this. Tide us over until they release the other cars. Who knows when that will be though.
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6.7 MB
First release
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User rating
4.95 star(s) 19 ratings

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