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IMSA Champions AI Mod 1.1

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Version 1.1 now released! Fix for Laguna Seca AI wandering.

Simple universal AI line updates for a handful of American tracks that were on the 2016 IMSA schedule. No Long Beach as there's no definitive version out there yet.

AI adhere to more human-like driving lines and braking zones. This in turn also makes them anywhere from 1-3 seconds quicker so be prepared to dial back the AI by a percent or two.

Lines recorded with the Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype and work best with GT/Prototype classes, but have generated across-the-board improvements for outlier classes such as IndyCar.

Extract into root AC folder. JSGME compatible for those who operate their AC install with content manager.

Click the track names to take you to their download page. AI lines created by the following sim racers:
Daytona Road Course - Billy Strange JR
Sebring - Austin Ogonoski
Lime Rock Park Chicane - Austin Ogonoski
VIR Full Course - Austin Ogonoski
Belle Isle 2017 - Austin Ogonoski
Laguna Seca (Kunos) - Austin Ogonoski
Road Atlanta 2017 - Austin Ogonoski
Road America - Austin Ogonoski
Watkins Glen Boot Endurance - Austin Ogonoski
Circuit of the Americas - Austin Ogonoski
Mosport - Austin Ogonoski
Austin Ogonoski
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Latest updates

  1. Laguna Seca fix

    Fixed AI behavior for Laguna Seca (KS). Thanks to Zane J. for spotting this one!

Latest reviews

muchas gracias !!
Sebring link is invalid, should point to the version on RD I guess also Road Atlanta example is for 2017 when available track is listed as 2018 including 2 layouts grandprix and short and it isn't clear which one the example AI file applies
Please can you update the track links? 3-4 are missing.
Excellent work, thank you for making & sharing !
Outstanding so far. I told you about the small issue at VIR where the cars swerve hard to the left to take up the racing line for turn 1. COTA is now actually usable offline for the 1st time ever. You've really done a great service for us offline nerds ;)
Thank you for all your hard work!
Just what us North Americans needed! Thanks for your work on this!
Tested all with the tracks that I have from the list. AI work well for all mod tracks. Watkins Glen feels very similar to the package that Lilski delivered out of the box, which is certainly not a bad thing. COTA actually allows me to drive the track with AI now. Big fan of the Daytona package you guys produced as well, just in time for Rolex 24 season. Only problem I have is with Kunos' version of Laguna Seca. At race start, all of the cars on the inside lane dive into the pit wall and the rest don't behave properly on track once they get rolling. Everything I have tested has proven itself a great addition to the offline experience of Assetto Corsa.
Austin Ogonoski
Austin Ogonoski
Heyyy, thanks for the feedback, will give this a look and get it updated ASAP.
Great work! I am looking for 24-pit-boxes-LimeRock and bug-free-MidOhio tracks, anyone? I suppose decent version of LongBeach does not exist? Also looking for good versions of AutopolisOita, Jarama, Mont-Tremblant, Kyalami, TTAssenAutosport, BuenosAiresGP, TermasDeoRioHondo.
Awesome AI For now I only tried Lime Rock Park and the experience was unbeatable. I would also love for the version without chicane in the future? For now i go to enjoy this, thank you very much for sharing
thank! i just cant find the endurance layout of watkins glen
Good stuff! Prepping my IMSA career as good as i can! Maybe you should try this Mosport?
Austin Ogonoski
Austin Ogonoski
Not really a fan of either version of Mosport tbh.
Oddly enough, this one mod has done more for my overall enjoyment of AC than anything released in the past year. This (plus Sol) has given AC a new lease on life for us offline racers (ie people with young children lol).
Oh man, I really needed something like this in Daytona, AI so slow there, thank you very much!!!
Thank you sir. There's a special place for you in sports car heaven.
Thank you Austin!! VIR in particular was non-challenging and this will really revitalize these tracks for us offline guys.
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