Improved LOD distance by Alberto Zanot 2017-06-26

Camera LOD mod for game update 1

  1. 007licensed
    • Improved LOD distance, so the AI bikes always look with maximum detail.
    All credits goes to Alberto Zanot
    Unfortunatelly MotoGP17 uses a very aggressive LOD...
    so bikes are popping on/off even at max gfx setting

    i only used (with permission) the LOD part from his amazing
    MotoGP 17 Total FX Camera Mod 3.4

    So big THANKS and all credits to Alberto Zanot

Recent Reviews

  1. DeinGott
    Version: 2017-06-26
    Looks amazing to try. What is the main folder in data . mix to copy in my game folder? I dont want overwrite...
    1. 007licensed
      Author's Response
      changes are made in file called GRAPHICMANAGER.BML

      Two modules: "RiderLod" and "BikeLod"
      Changed every "lod-x-Slot" to 100
      Changed every "BoundingSphereRadiusScaleFactor" and "BoundingSphereRadiusScaleFactorPhotoMode" to 99
  2. Alberto Zanot
    Alberto Zanot
    Version: 2017-06-26
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