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Improved Head Cams V5.1

zoomed in head cam, now with head motion!!! (creds) VeloW

  1. Msportdan

    -All available cars!
    -Retweaked all cams to show above wrist on hands for balanced view
    -Cam FOV set to 0.0
    -Now with added head motion! (v2 only)


    INSTALL: extract zip, then copy and overwrite model folder with model folder in DIRT folder. Only overwrite the cam files.

    NOTE: this doesn't include my other dash mod. Also please be aware- that due to the various heights of steering wheels in certain cars, some cams may have more of the hands showing than others. My aim was to then, keep the bonnet line the same in all cams.
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Recent Reviews

  1. MikieC
    Version: V5
    perfect - can view road better but not too close to dash. It's just right!!
  2. Mike85
    Version: V1
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