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Improved Dash Cams V3

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DIRT4 Dares with modification of fixed chambers of cockpic for multi screen by the fixed ones are too ahead in some cars well but in others you only see the one for breezes. THANK YOU
Waiting for an update to the newer cars...:)
great job, fantastic cam.
Excellent Mod, now I can drive from within. Wish there was an easy way to modify the cam position.
Jeffery Naylor
Great job, Thank you!
Until Codemasters implements seat adjustment options in-game, this is great!
Outstanding job!!!! the default cams were all bad for me
Excellent work
Amazing work ... just perfect .... Now I know why CM are doing an early release so they can bootstrap off all the wonderful modders in the community ..Utterly Superb... only issue ...currently the game is forcing me to play it windowed after the update .. and the Rev Dial is on my 3rd screen .. anychance you could force it center ?
Love it, thanks for your work.
Thanks you, Msportdan. :)
Great work, thanks.
merci very much
Perfect. A roof cam would be awesome too...
thank you worth staying up to 2am last nite to finish :)

could do roof cams quite easily, but will have to replace the normal head cam?