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IMPACT Force Feedback 7.0

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Ive been working primarily on bringing the lateral functions that I had setup in V5 back to post release, aswell as improving the feeling in the center of the wheel and I think I have finally got the settings just right!

I highly recommend you use my FFB Workshop file :

In order for the Lateral changes to be felt, you MUST have Damper Effect Strength at minimum 10%, however I HIGHLY recommend you set it to 100%.
For more information, head to this thread : http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/logitech-profiler-damper-effect-strength.116259/

Changes :
The default Lateral Friction function has been replaced with a brand new set of values based on the setup in V5 of Impact. I spent quite a bit of time tweaking it to properly mesh in with SAT so that the two work together (controlled via the Tyre Friction setting)
Extremely light tyre slip feedback added to create a dynamic surface vibrations
Suspension feedback has been rebalanced to include smaller movements at a very subtle level on the wheel, along with a more gradual increase according to the velocity
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Out of nowhere comes a new update to Impact!!
Completely redone for the post full release, this version of Impact is not as complicated as the previous versions thanks to the changes in the main game!

Modifications :
Suspension Feedback opened up to cover the entire range of suspension movement. Feel those little bumps again!

Tyre Slip Feedback also opened up to give full range feedback. Now all slipping is noticeable

Collision Feedback expanded on the lower side (scrapes etc) for more collision variation.

*NOTE : Steam FFB "Mods" should be 100% compatible with this mod, as I kept the strengths of the settings as close to the original (at 100%) as I could. Which should mean these "mods" will effect this actual mod in the same way they did the original game.

Note I personally own a G27 and play with ingame settings at 100% accross the board. If you own another wheel, I cannot guarentee that this will feel right!
The big update here is in regards to developments in the Self Aligning Torque and Tyre Friction parameters in game.

I had a complete mis-understanding of what these features did, and as a result it made things feel weird in those moments where you most want it to NOT feel weird!

Changes :
Self Aligning Torque strength increased
Static Wheel Friction increased
Tyre Friction properly configured to work with SAT (the big one)
Low end suspension feedback modified to be much more subtle, yet easy to feel on the wheel. more like a hum than the clank of before.
Custom DeviceSetup_v2.xml with modifications to Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels to make it easier for you lot to get your settings right!

This one is really important to pay attention to!

Wheel Friction is actually just a static friction applied to the wheel at all times. It does not do what I originally thought!
I increased the friction level of this value to give people more options. As a result you might want to lower this if its too stiff.

Tyre Friction simulates the resistance on the wheel from skidding vibration, not the skid itself. Its weird and counter-intuitive. Its also extremely finicky. Just a little too much or too little and SAT feels off. I advice you leave this setting on the same value as SAT itself. Maybe just a few % up or down to preference. I spent hours making the minute-est of changes to get these values meshing
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This is a huge update, with significant changes to pretty much the entire Force Feedback System! If I do say so myself, This is probably about the best its going to get!

Changes :
Completely redone and simplified Suspension feedback
Rebalanced Tyre Slip feedback
Rebalanced Collision feedback
Lateral Forces split into 2 independent configurations for Tarmac and Gravel (this is huge!)
Over-All Balancing for easier user setup

While I have little knowledge of what a rally car should feel, I don't know why but this feel right. I understand the physics behind it and how it would be simulated in a game, and this now feels how I expect such a simulation would feel. Its hard to describe, the timing of things, the strength and gain of effects all feel more appropriate now!

I spent the last few days building several (4 in total!) suspension systems and two Tyre Slip systems to really get to bottom of the effects. Suspension turned out to be buggy or acting very oddly when split up between front and back, so we are back to using the entire car output again. It turns out you can't really tell anyway, and the resulting feedback is more rumbles and vibrations on the wheel instead of pushes.
I ended up using Impact v3's Tyre Slip and Collision code as it works really well as it stands. Tyre Slip has been rebalanced to give subtle feedback that mixes directly into the suspension feedback.

The biggest change of all in this update is the Lateral Forces. I tried splitting these up before but my mis-understanding of how it worked meant it failed miserably! Now I know more I have split up Tyre Friction and Wheel Friction into separately controlled effects in the file.
Tyre Friction gives you the snappy feeling on tarmac, and Wheel Friction controls the resistance on the wheel caused by external forces (down-force, g-force, momentum)
On Tarmac, turning the wheel is relatively easy with only a low amount of resistance from grip. As speed increases this resistance lowers slowly as its gradually replaced with stronger Alignment forces.
On Gravel however, turning the wheel is much harder (respectively) but this resistance falls of much faster as speed increases.
This (in my opinion) critical splitting of this primary effect is what seals the deal for the feeling you get. Now Tarmac and Gravel feel fundamentally different both at a standstill, under acceleration and at speed. Suspension and Tyre Slip give surface feedback through the wheel, and the lateral forces enhance that feeling when switching between Tarmac and Gravel. Much more than before!

Set ALL in-game Vibration and Feedback settings to 100%.

For Logitech Users, Your Profiler to :
Overall Strength : 80%
Spring Strength : 0%
Damper Strength : 80%

Thrustmaster Users are recommended to start at 50% strength in your profiler as your wheels seem stronger than the G27.

Use your wheel profiler to lower or raise the OVERALL strength of all feedback combined to a level closest to your desire. Only then should you use the in-game settings to tweak individual settings. Each in-game setting is tweaked heavily to mesh directly with the other settings, and changing them much from 100% will cause effects to become muddled or disappear!

I spent today focusing on Tyre Skid and Suspension functions by separating them and testing them individually.

After many trials and errors I think I have improved the feeling of skidding in particular, along with a better feeling on tarmac thanks to suspension.

Changes :
Increased minimum thresholds for surface feedback and reduced strength.
Increased vibration speed for low-end suspension feedback
Better mid-range suspension feedback
Greatly increased vibration rate for skidding. Rate increases with reduction in traction.
Over-all rebalance of Suspension and skid strengths
Removed Rev effects (too touchy!)
SLIGHTLY increased Alignment Torque
Increased tarmac grip influence on SAT slightly
Increased Gravel grip influence on SAT a bit
Greatly increased fall-off of above influence on SAT as speed increases

The changes have made everything fit together better for my G27, however other wheels will probably be different. In finding my preferred settings I ended up with this process, which I find sets it up very quickly.
Set Effect Strength on your wheel and reduce all other effects to 0%. Turn off or reduce any centering or friction functions for now.
For Logitech Users, set the following :
Over-All Strength : 100%
Spring Strength : 0% (yes that's right, just do it)
Damper Strength : 0% (again, trust me)

Set all the In-game effects to 100% (Soft-Lock is not included in this tutorial)

Enter Route De Turini with a Group B car on default setup.
Run a few Km's down the road, and use your Wheel's Over-All Effect Strength slider to reduce Self Aligning Torque and the general push of the car down to a level you personally prefer (or up if you are so inclined!). Ignore the Suspension and the Skidding for now and concentrate on getting weight shifting and SAT feeling right.
When you are done, restart Route De Turini and lower Tyre Grip until the bumps you feel when turning slightly become very subtle. Now get the car sideways at speed and lower Tyre Grip further if the heavy vibrations are still too strong.
Work on Tyre Grip on Tarmac until it feels right for that surface, Gravel will fall in line naturally.
Finally head to Sweet Lamb in Wales with a Group B and hit some speed. Lower Suspension until the bumps from the road are Subtle but the landings from jumps are still strong.
You will quickly find out if you need to lower collision (I am sure you probably have already!)

That's it! You should be getting the effect I intended and everything should mesh together nicely!
Its important Tyre Slip is subtle on a straight on Tarmac, and Suspension is subtle on a straight on Gravel! While in a 4WD.
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A big update that really rounds off IMPACT

Changes :
Custom Sample Bank created containing :
Short Vibration
Medium Vibration
Long Vibration
Short Wave
Medium Wave
Long Wave

Surface feedback tweaked so that Tarmac feels smoother without losing Gravel detail

Rev Limit added so that you can feel it on the line!

Suspension Impacts get harder faster

Balancing of Skidding feedback so its more progressive

The new sample bank and frequencies on the effects really help to make everything fit together better with less overriding of one effect with the other. Combined with the suspension changes the car feels a lot more alive and responsive to your input, with greater feedback from the cars responses.

Let me know what you think