Imola san marino 1994 Pit lane 30

Imola san marino 1994 Pit lane 30 4.00

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hello friends, new update of circuit improvements narrower track, improved textures, cameras, light, hope you like it thanks






forever Ayrton Senna Roland Ratzenberger we will never forget you

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  1. Imola san marino 1994 Pit lane 30

  2. Imola san marino 1994 Pit lane 30 updates 3.00

    new cameras
  3. Imola san marino 1994 Pit lane 30 updates 2.00

    Hello, I have some arrangements of the circuit, the AI at the moment enters pit lane to refuel...

Latest reviews

Thanks, many details! Surely the best 1994 version yet. Two things if you still have time to work on it: Consider removing the 2 awful landscape background and maybe add track lights. Thanks!
This is basically undrivable for me because there is something wrong with the lighting effects and it prevents me from seeing forward. Track itself looks nice. I hope this will be fixed
Good base to build from but needs road mesh for force feedback, elevations need alot of work to get closer to actual circuit. Visually very good
I love the flow of the old track layout. Job well done. Thank you!
This is great, it one of favourite circuits now.
Its really darn fast, you can take Variante alta almost flat out. nice job :)
great job
I hope in a pacht corrective for the TV Cam circuit because they are a bit to review, in some points the track is not seen just
I appreciate your skills, and what you have brought table. But I believe the roads are too wide, heights are not correct. I also think there is too many polygons, which cause's low frame rates which is not good for VR. The most accurate version I have seen is by Reiza but it's for Rfactor2 which was based in 1988. There is another 1994 track and 1988 track for Assetto Corsa, but they are not accurate. especially the last corner. I've been wanting an accurate version of 1988 or 1994 like Reiza's. I wish Konos would just use their current imola track and just change a few stuff and it would be done. They could of easily did 2001 and 1988.
Pretty interesting. Ran a bunch of practice laps and AI never came out. Corners and chicane are easy. I like it if someone would come out and play.
Gracias =)
Great job can you please insert multiple viewers of the cameras in the replay? there is only one n.7 makes the car small and the track very big..Thanks
congratulations nice circuit, it deserves 5 stars.
great work
if you have some time, would be fantastic, track imola 2001 layout, which doesn't exist
thanks for your contribution , you could add additional 6 pit seats , considering 34 drivers on the track plus 2 seats for live commentary?
ok, but it will be in the next update, greetings

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