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Imola 1995-2005

Imola 1995-2005 1.12

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Nice one! wish Variante Alta was still like this!
great update, thank you
DId you make this from scratch!?
Excellent!! Thank you very much
Great! This has everything you need in an AC track!
Very high quality work.
Thank you for it ;)
This track is amazing and I was hoping if you could also do Silverstone 1997 to 2009?
Nice mod
Eversince I was watching the qualifying of San Marino GP 2001, in a hotel room in Tallinn, I have been wishing this layout of Imola would be available in AC. Trees used to be a problem with the first release, and there is still something weird with them; the treetops seem too shiny. Not a shader issue it seems, tried some adjustments, didn't work. Anyway they are better than before and otherwise the track is flawless. Very significant track, this is the REAL Imola for me. Thank a bunch for it.
I have watched a F1 race on TV in a hotel room in Tallinn myself :) Thanks for the review!
Fantastic job, thank you!
Great filter! Thanks! :)
Finally we have the old layout of Imola for AC! Thanks for your work. Brings back a lot of old memories from the F1 games on the PS2.

Short video of mine showing the track:
Great video, glad you are enjoying the track
Really great job
bloody brilliant!
Thank you Mr. Wood for your passion and hard work. Great addition to AC community. Cheers...
Nice work
Really nice. The surface is great. Thanx
Must have, awesome work mate!!
Thank You