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IER P13C Simple Colorpack v1.2

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This is just a simple color pack for the new IER P13C. I used the CM Paint Shop for these. They come complete with @Mahad's Michelin tire textures for an added bonus, and now, they also come with matching crew and driver suits! Thanks to Maxx2504 on Discord for helping me with that!

(Yes, I know some of the crew helmets don't match the car or crew suits. The green, blue, and orange helmets for the crew just don't exist lol)

Latest updates

  1. Version change

    Sorry again for super fast updates xD... I just changed the version number to match the file.
  2. Changed helmet designs for the drivers in the white and red cars

    Just a simple helmet swap to make it less boring with multiple design 6 and 3 helmets lol And...
  3. Slight changes to some colors to match the new driver and crew

    Here's a small update to make some colors match a bit better, mainly the green, yellow, orange...
  4. Added skin.ini files for driver and crew color matching to the cars

    With a little help from Maxx2504 on Discord I managed to find a way to match my driver suit...
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